Overview Fashion Lifestyle Info Blog Blog Galleries Back 2014                                  SWEAT                                      Degree Show, Sheffield Hallam University, S1 Artspace, Sheffield. Instead of compiling existing “inspiration photos” for mood boards, lately I’ve been playing with the idea of image associations. Michelle Watt is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Or between two writhing figures, is it intimacy or struggle? It is a painting about leftovers, not the feast itself. I learned photography through an academic realm, one that championed intellectual explorations and revered modern fine art photographers, but none of it truly aligned with what I wanted to make. As a working photographer, I should really limit the use my website to showcase the kind of work I want to get, the same way a portfolio book does. Get to know the story behind this photographer's theatrical, intricate images. mu/h by Nicolette Gold. Today I saw some lush green ivy crawling up a wall, and I thought of a giant octopus scaling the building. The whole process is super daunting. COOPH believes photography is a vehicle for documentation and expression, especially when interacting with our environment and interpreting life around us. 2018                                  EYUP CONNECT                        The Abbeydale Picture House, Sheffield. 176 Photos. There is poetry in that. {"id":"1685847","title":"VISUAL Q&A: Michelle Watt - COOPH - Cooperative of Photography","linkBack":"https:\/\/www.cooph.com\/magazine\/features\/visual-qa\/detail\/article\/visual-qa-michelle-watt.html","description":"We asked Michelle Watt questions, questions that could only be answered with images\u2026","mediaItems":[{"type":"image","src":"https:\/\/www.cooph.com\/imgservice\/0001\/0\/1500\/1500\/fileadmin\/upload_media\/stories_2020\/200119_Michelle_Watt\/Banner_WATT_COOPH.jpg","href":"https:\/\/www.cooph.com\/magazine\/features\/visual-qa\/detail\/article\/visual-qa-michelle-watt.html"}]}. Even in the heaviest of paintings, there is a weightlessness. I was confused and thought the only photography worth anything had to be esoteric and conceptual. I exercise this muscle every time I walk my dog. Ever notice how the draping of velvet can viscerally emulate the sagging of fat skin (Rubens’s cherubs)? Augustus Butera Photography. It’s about placing objects next to each other that you wouldn’t normally think to pair in order to transcend the individual objects themselves. It’s so simple it almost sounds dumb. 2014 - 2015                        PGCE: Post-16 and Further Education, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield. A pale pink background adds a refined feel to her portfolio, while her use of both serif and sans serif fonts echoes the contemporary/classic contrast found in Watt’s work, which draws inspiration from fashion photography as well as 19th-century painters. On her website, Watt pares her photography down to a few galleries of commissions, her tableaux works, and a gallery of highlights. I like to cast actors over models because actors are expert at conveying authenticity in pose. 2012                                  THE LAST EXHIBITION                 S1 Artspace, Sheffield. Ultimately I build a composition that coaxes the eye to move around the frame in order to move the viewer through the story. What is causing that unbearably subtle resistance? Augustus Butera Photography . 2010 – 2011                       Foundation Diploma (Art and Design), Priestley College, Warrington. This week, we interview photographer Michelle Watt. COOPH is a community-focused online mag about photography, and celebrates individualism, expression and sincerity. I give them motivations to play out, typically involving another character. Photography by Maciek Jasik. More often than not, those resulting items (or gestures) are really bizarre and don’t really have anything to do with the object, but it can ultimately make sense in a picture in a way you can’t rationalize. Reserved. I’m fascinated with the massive assembly of detail. This process is a more active way of creating as opposed to a reactive way of regurgitating. Michelle Watt. The ultimate trick is to find something in between the two, something that is yours, but something that is still relatable. Her work often confronts, “themes of freedom and restriction within presupposed conventions of female grace and beauty (MW).” Michelle’s editorial work has been … Photography by Maciek Jasik. Photography by Michelle Watt. 2014                                  FABRICATE                                 Millennium Gallery, Sheffield. I wanted someone to point me to what I wanted to make, and say “This is good work,” which would liberate me and let me do it. 2011 – 2014                       BA Hons (Fine Art), Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield. In a way, because the format of the website allows me to showcase my series work in a meaningful way, I’m driven to create more series. Lately I’ve been obsessing over Erik Madigan Heck’s Family Vacation series for Stern Germany, and Todd Antony’s Dekatora series of Japanese truck drivers in their ornately decorated cabins. The process is long and slow. I research a lot about the subject matter, I go deep into mythologies (written and depicted) spanning different cultures, I read short stories, I watch movies and television series with relevant themes, I flesh out narrative layers with my collaborators (stylists, set designers, etc.) Photography by Maciek Jasik. It’s the same thrill from facing a gleaming metropolitan high-rise and peering into people’s windows. I cluster them throughout so they create micro-narratives that give texture to the larger narrative. Photography by Maciek Jasik. Augustus Butera Photography. Whether it’s a commercial shoot or personal project, Michelle Watt’s photography always makes the most of the details. Often they meld into the same thing, causing an unsettling, metaphysical magnetism. portrait by Hope Youngblood. Michelle Watt Photography. Stunning black & white streetphotography with Dimpy Bhalotia…. One of my favorite classics, The Raft of Medusa, painted by Theodore Géricault in 1819, depicts the aftermath of a cataclysmic event, instead of the event itself. We got in touch with Watt to learn more about the inspiration behind her photography, and what goes into setting up one of her complex tableaux. 2017                                  THE SOUTH YORKSHIRE             Old Market Gallery, Rotherham. 2017/2018                        20x20 2017                              Access Space, Sheffield. Kind of like those ink blot tests, where you are given an ink blot and then asked about the first thing that pops into your head. Photography by Maciek Jasik. Michelle Watt is a coast to coast lifestyle photographer, with residences in Brooklyn and San Francisco.

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