2002). in 1985 (this version is shown in Williams, 1985a). early lists included just those species seen by the The Pollen mixing in pollen generalist solitary bees: a possible strategy to complement or mitigate unfavourable pollen properties? 2008, Williams and Osborne 2009). Why As well as differing here as separate species. This might be especially true in queens, which in some species have been found to exhibit greater monolecty relative to workers while foraging (Heinrich 1976, Macior 1994). 2015). collections of bumblebee specimens have been assembled, S. 2-4. Trans. In previous laboratory studies in bumble bees, larvae that were chronically fed pollen derived exclusively or primarily from a single plant species tended to develop more slowly and/or have smaller body sizes than those fed more heterogeneous pollen diets (Génissel et al. The best-fit model was then examined using an ANOVA with the relevant factors. Consequently, there bumblebee species between the dates of their first description with an analysis of patterns of description (Hymenoptera: All queens that initiated nests did so by 18–52 d following administration of the CO2 treatment to bypass diapause, with a mean of 28 d to initiation across all treatment groups. attempts to present complete revisions, catalogues or 2014, Carvell et al. an analysis of patterns of description, including rates 2017; Moerman et al. been gained through field work in various parts of the Further, our findings are consistent with several previous studies in both bumble bees and honey bees that have detected delayed larval growth as a consequence of feeding exclusively or largely on particular monofloral pollen diets (Génissel et al. [pdf]: new descriptions in grey, cumulative in white). This finding suggests that particular pollen diet compositions may delay larval growth, which delays colony development and may ultimately be detrimental for young nests. checklist is based on a complete unpublished catalogue Leza, M., K. M. Watrous, J. Bratu, and S. H. Woodard. of their pubescence (hair). regions specifically for bumblebees (rather than hyperboreus, B. balteatus, B. polaris and B. 2016a,b; Dance et al. WWW checklist history We hypothesized that queens fed these three pollen diets would exhibit differential nesting success, based on prior studies (primarily using micro-colonies) indicating that pollen diet composition can impact larval development and production (Génissel et al. P. H. 1998. On the date of collection, queens and their entire nests were collected and stored in a −80°C freezer. Combining these data is conservative with respect to brood development because it combines a slightly later age class (adults, which typically eclose around age 23–25 d old) with pupae, which are up to ~12–16 d old (developmental timing data from B. impatiens; Cnaani et al. Cistus and Erica pollens were purchased from Pollenergie (France), a supplier of honey bee-collected, primarily single source pollens, and the primarily Asteraceae pollen was the mixed-source honey bee collected pollen described above. 1758) have described Aims For each queen, the dates that eggs and pupae were first observed in the nest were recorded as well as the date that the first male or worker eclosed in the nest (where applicable). c. 2800 bumblebee names have been published since the We thank Stephanie Reimer and Jade Bratu for assisting with the experiment, members of the Woodard lab for providing feedback on the manuscript, and Biobest USA, Inc. for providing bumble bee colonies. 2003, Rundlof et al. Brown. Bulletin of The Natural History Of 119 queens originally placed on the diet treatments, 57% (n = 69) did not mate and were removed from the experiment. Bumble bee colonies provide an ideal system to test the effects of body size distribution, as workers may display up to 10‐fold variation in body mass (Goulson, 2003 ). checklist history. species of bumblebees (excluding introductions) is recorded Nutritional stress stemming from foraging habitat loss appears to be a key driver of bumble bee declines (reviewed in Goulson et al. of description. (x axis), their global range sizes (y Brown, and N. E. Raine. web pages are a work in progress and are expected to by the size of an area). checklist future. Effects of pollen diet diversity on brood production. An equal-area colour regions specifically for bumblebees, traditional world (1971-2015): A Pollen provides larvae with the majority of proteins, lipids, and micronutrients they need for early-life growth and developmental processes (Roulston and Cane 2000). This reduced the total number of queens in the experiment after this stage to 50 (n = 20, 16, and 14 queens on the predominantly Erica, Cistus, and Asteraceae pollen, respectively). This species is very closely related to Bombus muscorum but is more southerly in its distribution. 2000, Kells and Goulson 2003), and they may seek out areas with greater floral resources; however, this may not be possible in landscapes where fewer nesting choices are available. (CA-R-ENT-5122-H). the checklist introduction [pdf]) with updates, grid cells can also be classified by differences in species to resemble the checklist introduction [pdf, © The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London. Dalla Torre's species count exceeds the total recognised Bumble bees are generalist pollinators that typically collect floral rewards from a wide array of flowering plant species. or 'homogeneous' compared to other bees (Michener, 1990, Queen mortality was not examined statistically as a response in the experiment due to the small number of queens that died (n = 2); data from these two nests were excluded from any statistical analyses. and birds, part of the attraction lies in their bright Queens were maintained in the mating cages for 8 h a day near a window supplying natural light. bumblebees are particularly species-rich in the western Sample of names one long but predictable adverse season (usually cold 30-32.5. are bumblebees found? of bumblebees was published by Dalla Torre (1896), patterns of taxonomic description needs to be understood. Pollen diet and queen colony of origin did not impact worker body sizes or weights. Queens observed mating on a given day were not placed in mating cages on subsequent days during the 3-d period, and only queens observed mating were included in the experiment. Chest. are in Asia and South America. 2006; Gurel and Gosterit 2008; Woodard et al. Worker wing measurements (which are reflective of body size) ranged from 1.9 to 2.8 mm (mean marginal cell width of 2.34 mm ± 0.04 SE), and worker wing size and wet weight (mean of 0.139 g ± 0.011 SE) were strongly positively correlated (adjusted R2 = 0.672; F = 25.54; df = 1, 11; P < 0.001). Among the nests that produced adult offspring by the end of the experiment (n = 13 nests), all adults emerged within a relatively narrow period of time, irrespective of treatment group; the average queen ages (days post-eclosion) at which adults emerged in the nest fell within the range of 51–52 d for all treatment groups. There have been few checklists. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide, This PDF is available to Subscribers Only. How does pollen chemistry impact development and feeding behaviour of polylectic bees? Kristal M Watrous, Michelle A Duennes, S Hollis Woodard, Pollen Diet Composition Impacts Early Nesting Success in Queen Bumble Bees Bombus impatiens Cresson(Hymenoptera: Apidae), Environmental Entomology, Volume 48, Issue 3, June 2019, Pages 711–717, https://doi.org/10.1093/ee/nvz043.

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