eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'38jiejie_com-box-4','ezslot_8',126,'0','0'])); Qin Lan Doesn’t Need People to Worry about the Use of Her Uterus, Lin Gengxin and Nicky Wu Reunite in “My Bargain Queen” with Wu Jinyan. However, fans were more ecstatic when it was announced yesterday, Qin Lan (秦岚), Wu Jinyan, and Nie Yuan were reuniting for a new series called “The Heritage” (传家). All rights reserved. Then we love sharing. The post has since been taken down, and artiste management agency Huanyu has issued an apology and a statement to assure fans that they have Jinyan's best interests in mind. . Many described the role as “meaningless”, criticising the story for being “too exaggerated and old-fashioned”. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Unless it’s fries. Despite finding out that his son, whom his deceased wife gave birth to, was not his biological child, Nie Yuan’s character still continues to care for him, even as he struggles to acclimatise to life in a bustling city. And the drama is still generating controversy. Scrambled Egg Toast Stack ($6.50) from Tai Cheong Bakery's first overseas cafe in Holland V. Moist and wobbly, but more like slightly watered down angmoh scrambled eggs than the lush HK cha chaan teng version. A Fashionable Evening at the InStyle Icon Awards 2018. Broadcast of Yu Zheng’s new Chinese dynasty drama ‘The Legend of Hao Lan’ delayed, Dating rumours between Wu Jinyan and Hong Yao gain traction, 'Story of Yanxi Palace 2' will have "a brand new story", Celebrity Name Drop Contestant Originally Denied Jackpot Wins $10k Prize After Gold 905 Reverses Decision, GOLD 905 Offers Celebrity Name Drop Game Contestant $5,000 As A Gesture Of Goodwill For His “Exceptional Commitment”, 14 Local Artistes Join Forces For Multilingual Song, Encouraging Singaporeans To #StayHome During COVID-19 Circuit Breaker, Harvey Weinstein Rushed To Hospital Following Conviction, Jack Neo's Daughter Sells Frozen Prawn Mee Soup Inspired By Their Makan Trips, Nurse & Single Mother Of Three Sells Yummy Nutella Tarts To Supplement Income, Bjorn Shen’s New Space For Small’s Pizza Joint Will Serve Hotpot Omakase Too, New Jurong West Lok Lok Stall Has $1 Skewers & Opens Till 2am. Get updates about the best spam fries and other delicious things in life – not spam. The breakout hit drama of 2018, Story of Yanxi Palace, propelled a number of its actors into superstardom, with many fans favouring the onscreen relationship between Chinese actress Wu Jinyan and Chinese actor Nie Yuan, despite their 13-year age difference. But not all Wu Jinyan fans are unreasonable. We will send you the latest celebrity news updates. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Mark Ma Abandons Jan Tse for Shiga Lin in New Series, Youku’s “All For One” is Competing Against iQiyi’s “Idol Producer 2” on Fridays, Huang Zitao Explains Why He Still Live Streams and Stays Happy in the Wake of His Father’s Passing, Wang Han Reacts to Jin Xing Saying She Wouldn’t Know Wang Yibo Had it Not Been for “Day Day Up”, Li Wenhan Draws Backlash for Telling Young Boy “It’s Best for Boys Not to Dance to Girl Dances”. It’s said the storyline will revolve around the three sisters fighting to inherit the Yi family’s business as he hasn’t named a successor. Une princesse guerrière entreprend une quête afin de recruter trois puissants mercenaires pour sauver le monde des dieux, et celui des humains. The actress’s fans are not looking forward to seeing the 'Story of Yanxi Palace' co-stars act alongside each other for the third consecutive time. Maya and the Three. After Story of Yanxi Palace ended its run, it was announced that Jinyan and Nie Yuan will be reuniting on screen once again for The Legend of Haolan, where they will form a love triangle with Chinese actress Mao Zijun. When the news of the show leaked on August 1, netizens criticised the drama for being ridiculous and two-dimensional, and that the drama was way beneath the abilities of their idols. Yeah… looking forward to see xu kai in the series too. It is also produced by Yu Zheng (于正), who was responsible for the “Story of Yanxi Palace.”, Wu Jinyan and Johnny Huang Jingyu Star in New Series, “We Are Young”. Liu Enshang (劉恩尚), who played, “Li Yu Eunuch” (李玉公公), portrays Zhao Sheng, a chancellor of the State of Zhou. She is sold by her stepmother, but is saved by merchant, “Lu Buwei” (呂不韋). tells the story of a doctor (Nie Yuan) and a young police officer (Wu Jinyan) who find love in their relentless efforts to find true meaning in life and happiness. She is played by one of Yu Zheng’s artist, Zhang Nan (张南). Still, decent for its price says @flofongsg. With less than 24 hours until the Story of Yanxi Palace finale, FHM has chosen the perfect time to drop photos and start pre-selling for their September Issue which features Wu Jinyan, Nie Yuan and Xu Kai. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you don’t like our faces, listen to our fortnightly podcast E-Junkies where we lepak one corner with famous people, Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox, AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Company Registration No. Breathing new life into their familiar tandem, Story of Yanxi Palace couple Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan are back in the studio once again to bring you a fresh drama entitled Happiness Will Come Knocking Again (lit) 幸福还会来敲门. English-subbed final trailer below: When you’re a vampire but carry a stake in your hair. The Legend of Haolan was broadcasted from January to March this year. Those fans defended Nie Yuan, saying that the two were only discussion about the script. Aside from Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan, several actors from “Yanxi” are also in this series. : 201815023K. This collaboration also seemed to be one too many for the fans. She is played by one of Yu Zheng’s artist, Zhang Nan (张南). He was also missing from the blessing ceremony yesterday. It’s too much.”, “Even if you’re using the “Yanxi” cast, please respect the old fans.”, Wu Jinyan Denies Dating “Story of Yanxi Palace” Co-Star, Hong Yao, Credit: hk01, NRTA, Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). Wu Jinyan plays the second sister, “Yi Zhongyu” (易钟玉), who is smart, clever, and has her own opinions. Source: HK01.com All rights reserved. This series is also based on historical events and takes place during the Warring States period. Tan Zhuo (譚卓) plays “King Xiaowen’s” wife, “Lady Huayang” (華陽夫人). The recent awards night may not have brought together the industries biggest stars, but it’s a glistening affair nonetheless. In 2000, after graduating from the academy, Nie and his first girlfriend, actress Huang Yi, collaborated in the television drama Wrong Carriage, Right Groom. Read her review in the latest issue. It’s unclear what character Nie Yuan will play. Fans expressed, “I am a “Story of Yanxi Palace” fan, not a “The Heritage” fan.”, “Even fans’ memories are being taken away. Despite the immense appeal the co-stars have because of their onscreen romance, their fans were extremely reluctant to let their idols act in this new drama because of the weak plot and instead threatened to boycott the show. Nie Yuan is also a senior, with more experience, so it, Wu Jinyan Fans Are Boycotting Her New Yu Zheng Drama, “Story of Yanxi Palace” Sequel to Air on Netflix, “The Legend of Haolan” Ending Leaves Viewers Confused and Unsatisfied, Wu Jinyan, Nie Yuan Pair Up in New Drama in "Beauty Hao Lan", Charmaine Sheh to Star in “Yanxi Strategy”, First Period Drama in 5 Years, Wu Jinyan and Hong Yao Shared a Room in Sanya, Yu Zheng Talks of An Ungrateful Actress Whom He Made Popular, Yu Zheng Assembles “Story of Yanxi Palace” Cast for New Drama “Chuan Jia”, Michele Reis Makes Acting Comeback in Yu Zheng’s “Yanji Pai”, Carina Zhang Makes Breastmilk Soap For Her Daughter, Jeannie Chan Drinks From Bosco Wong's Cup of Lemon Tea, TVB Rushes to Sign Contracts With Miss Hong Kong Contestants, Timmy Hung’s Parenting Skills Are Criticized, Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen's Adorable 8-Year-Old Daughter, Pakho Chau Responds to Flight Passenger Complaint with Humor, Some Fans Want Irene to Leave Red Velvet After Attitude Controversy, Fala Chen Shares Scenes Opposite Nicole Kidman in "The Undoing", Ricco Ng’s Girlfriend is 10 Years Older Than Him, Tavia Yeung and Him Law Announce Changing Their Names, Benjamin Yuen and Bowie Cheung Register Their Marriage, Fala Chen Shares Scenes Opposite Nicole Kidman in “The Undoing”, Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin Out on Grocery Shopping Date, Li Xian and Chen Linong in “Soul Snatcher”, Unfiltered Photos of 10 Popular Chinese Actors, Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen’s Adorable 8-Year-Old Daughter, How Grace Chan Slimmed Down After Giving Birth. Yes it’s a shame not letting Xu Kai and wu Jing yan acting as couple in this series especially when they did so well for Yanxi Palace ..so many fans are anticipating for their Return in the new drama series. But not all Wu Jinyan fans are unreasonable. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'38jiejie_com-box-4','ezslot_8',126,'0','0'])); Wu Jinyan Sacrifices Her Body for “The Legend of Hao Lan”, It looks like Yu Zheng will have another hit on his bands based on the grand production in the trailer. Wu Jinyan will be reunited with Nie Yuan (聶遠), who portrayed “Emperor Qianlong” in “Yanxi.” The new series will be airing on iQiyi on January 19th. However, he betroths her to the prince of the Qin state, Ying Yiren (贏異人), portrayed by Mao Zijun (茅子俊). Breathing new life into their familiar tandem, Story of Yanxi Palace couple Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan are back in the studio once again to bring you a fresh drama entitled Happiness Will Come Knocking Again (lit) 幸福还会来敲门. This time round, the drama will be set in modern times, with Nie Yuan playing a single father from a small town. Ah Mah Homemade Cake's "Chao Ta" Cheesecake Taste Test: Nice Or Not. Wang Herun Wang Yizhe Wang Yuwei Xu Xiaonuo Wu Jinyan Nie Yuan. Available here: 1, 2, 3. . Share Tweet Pin Share Reddit. Once this drama airs, everyone will be criticising it.". This series was already announced over a year ago. Wu Jinyan (吴谨言) and Nie Yuan (聂 远), stars of last year’s hit TV show Story of Yanxi Palace < 延禧攻略 >, reunited for the new Yu Zheng (于正) drama The Legend of Haolan < 皓镧传 >, and that piece alone made The Legend of Haolan one of the most highly anticipated television dramas of 2019.. Wu Jinyan (吴谨言) and Nie Yuan (聂远) satisfied some fans when they reunited for the “The Legend of Haolan” this year. The creator of the show, Yu Zheng, on the other hand, posted his dissatisfaction towards those who sowed discord amongst the fans, but also thanked the others for their continued support. Nie first started acting when he was still in the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Wu Jinyan (吳謹言), who rose to fame through the role of “Wei Ying Luo” in “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略), is coming back as another heroine character in the new series, “The Legend of Hao Lan” (皓鑭傳). A number of netizens also announced their intention to boycott the drama, as they believe that the actors will be soundly criticised when it eventually airs. Log in. Today is Oscars day and that means red carpet fashion and winners! And for the third time, the two are set to work together on upcoming drama Happiness Will Knock On Your Door.

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