2020-03-30 2) My end goal is to make a vegetable glycerin tincture to be taken sublingually. Decarb Yes, check out my blogs on http://www.extractcrafter.com and read the two QWET posts. 2020-01-29 - The 1ml Store CBD oil uk, What Is Shatter and How Do You Hit It? David W. Eastridge 2019-09-20 Vacuum purging allows us to purge at lower temperatures because a vacuum decreases the boiling point at which the solvent evaporates, meaning that the overall quality of the extraction is preserved, fewer terpenes are lost to evaporation and heat, etc. If not, I fear that the vacuum pump might not be able to cope with that much alcohol, and unless you work with some kind of cold trap, all that alcohol will end up in the pump oil, contaminating it considerably. Country Boy There are a couple ways, but not without some chemistry. I apologize ahead of time if this was already mentioned. My method of removing the alcohol from the solution/extraction is pretty basic - cook the alcohol off into the atmosphere thereby losing all the Everclear. Tim Alchimia Maybe "purge" was the wrong choice of words. Other options are available, such as filtering through active carbon, but as I understand it this will also potentially filter out some of the active ingredients we want to keep in there. In fact, THC will dissolve much faster at higher temperatures than in the cold, but the presence of these undesirable compounds means that we get a better quality end result by extracting in very cold conditions. For budder/wax it's best to use butane as a solvent as it extracts the terpenes more efficiently, and the final texture of the extract is highly dependant on terpene content, more terpenes meaning a more waxy/budder texture while lower terpenes will result in a clearer, more crystalline texture. If you've got the vac setup already then I would definitely encourage you to experiment and see what happens, but make sure you share your results with us here, please! The oven won't be as efficient at removing the solvent as a vacuum pump would be, though. Is there any downside if I crank up the temperature a bit, i.e. Thank you so much for your reply! Without it, it's guesswork and you'll need to purge at a higher temperature if you want to be 100% certain no residue remains. However, from a few things I've read, it appears that chlorophyll can complicate the distillation process so it's better to remove it beforehand if possible. So maybe you could save money. Iso is great for cleaning and disinfecting but is simply not the right alcohol for extractions unless you can ensure a full vacuum purge. Tim Alchimia I trimmed the buds as best I could and sun dried them for 5 days, then snow fell on it, and then I baked them at 200F for 60 minutes to dry them, plus decarb. It is, however, a good diluent for cannabis concentrates, giving them the viscous liquid texture needed to work in vape pen cartridges. It will clean up the fats and such but it won’t remove the chlorophyll. What I was wanting to know is, if the raw material was decarbed before washing, is heat a necessity for the finished product or could I end up with an equally good product with vacuum only since the "cooking off" process with a simple double boiler setup can sometimes be a big variable if the temperature isn't well regulated. I'm not sure exactly what the hazardous compounds are, that would be a question for a chemist, but alcohol residue will remain unless it is properly purged. I hope that helps, happy cooking! Very informative article. (See my post about the pens turning green). Good luck with the harvest, all the best and happy extracting! After decarb, she's been putting hers into the Magical Butter machine for a few hours. However, I do have one question. Hi Von, thanks for the question and please don't worry about any lack of knowledge, that's what we're here to help with! Much respect, and thank you for all the info. Aaron Turner 2019-05-19 2018-12-04 Remember, ethanol is very flammable and needs to be handled with the highest regard for safety. I have 99.9 percent pure isopropyl. Your second question is a little more difficult to answer, firstly because there doesn't seem to be much quantitative data on the subject, secondly, because a lot of what here is is somewhat contradictory, and thirdly because there are many factors that can affect the solubility, most importantly temperature at the time of extraction and purity of the resin being dissolved. bongomundo If, however, you really don't want to use the oven, then you could put the sugar/alcohol solution in a silicone dish and use a hot plate or a heat mat for clones to give a more gentle heat for a slower evaporation. 2018-09-14 I did not do any debard. For home testing, I've only really seen one option on the market, and that's the Alpha CAT testing kits, which use TLC (Thin Film Chromatography), a fast and economical way to test bud, hash, oils etc.

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