You also don’t want to give the side any kind of idea she is more important than she really is! You really should let this one sink in before you engage in these kinds of relationships. They prefer keeping their private lives separate from their public lives. Trouver des jouets de fabrication américaine, Exemple de contrat de location avec option d'achat, Meilleur et le pire trait de personnalité pour tous les signes du zodiaque, 10 signes que votre copain essaie secrètement de vous séduire, Dilemme aromantique: 16 mythes et vérités sur leur vie amoureuse. But if you’re paying the bills, attentive, take her out etc and the ONLY bad things you do is occasionally cheat she might be more inclined to stay with you! As a side chick, you should never make the main chick your business or concern. It seems like the easiest trick in the book of side chick rules but it's actually the hardest one to follow. Face it, even the most conservative of us have to admit that’s a very high form of flattery. To avoid problems, the side chick has to observe rule number one - keeping secrets. I’m so lost. You can’t not trust her (duh!!!) Some girls think of being a side chick being easy. You are in a world of fantasy, therefore, every moment should count. Rule 5: Always use protection with the side bitch!! Let's face it, going out in public with another woman's man can quickly turn messy or even dangerous! In the world of relationships between a man and woman (here I am talking about relationships that are not platonic) there are various levels of relationships. Si vous aimez les thrillers d'espionnage, alors c'est votre chance d'être comme Angelina Jolie. Elle poède une longue expérience (24 an) d'expérience en relation publique et marketing, travaillant dan de agence de re... Une bougie mémoire peronnaliée et un excellent moyen de rappeler aux peronne qui ne ont pa préente un événement important de votre vie, tel que votre mariage. You have to be careful not to leave traces, especially where the main chick can easily uncover them. You might be tempted to stalk your man, his girlfriend or wife but don't try it, since it's pointless. Therefore you should always have a well-thought-out escape plan in case your illicit relationship is uncovered. But even if you follow all the rule some chicks still fall in love (silly lil rabbits) and try to come up! Being in my early twenties, I have very few achievements in my miserable life. If you met her on a social network delete her! En tant que poussin secondaire, vous devez savoir ce qui vous attend et ce qui est en danger. But, if … # 5 Connaissez les risques. Rule 4: If you’re cheating that has to be your only flaw just in case you get caught!!!! If you fall for him or you are showing signs of falling for him, then as early as now you have failed as a side chick if you disregard this powerful rule. In beginning, a side chick will be as loyal as Rin Tin Tin or Lassie, but sooner or later; a side-chick dreams will turn into main-chick ambitions and that is when your life will take a horrible turn for the worse. From the beginning the side chick should know she is the SIDE!! Also do NOT tell her anything (especially negative things) about your girl. En règle générale, les poussins latéraux ne devraient pas parler d’être des poussins secondaires à n'importe qui. Ne faites absolument rien qui laisse le poussin principal vous lier à votre homme. # 8 Restez à l'écart. This is another rule that is usually overlooked, However, it has immense power in this game. If you met a potential SB and she says “you have a gf” tell her yes!! Never pester your man about the main chick. We all know how this last one operates: the client offers money to the hooker in exchange for sex. Not only are you cheating but totally denying your gf/wife! How do you counter this?? Know your place as a side chick and be a stickler to this rule to avoid embarrassment and ugly confrontations. A side chick's main responsibility is to keep things fun and exciting. Nothing is more of a come up then a baby ESPECIALLY if you don’t have one with you girl! You know, as a side chick, it means that you are offering something that the number one woman is not. If you follow the above rules to the letter then you will surely enjoy your time as a side chick. Il veut quelqu'un qui lui tiendra compagnie, mais qui gardera les choses légères, ne lui en demandera pas trop, ne le fatiguera pas et ne l'attachera pas. You really don't need to tell your best friend or family about your clandestine partner. However, you can include them when/if the situation changes. The same relationship can easily be extinguished by any slight problems, such as a baby. De plus, ne laissez rien dans sa voiture, pas de traces de rouge à lèvres, pas de parfum, pas même une mèche de cheveux. Femme-Vie 2020. Now welcome to the next rule - thou shall not end up pregnant from your little arrangement. He said, “I personally think cheating is wrong. This rule is often mentioned, but it bears repeating. If you are really a drama queen, please enjoy it with your friends only. This should not have to be said, but men are dumb as hell so I have to say it! Don't be like the short term side chicks who always give drama room in their relationship and never follow this crucial rule. Yeah the grass is greener on the other side because you don’t have to cut! Deuxièmement, vous pourriez vous retrouver avec une ordonnance restrictive. It's not. *. Whatever you do, don't rob the guy. You also need to keep the relationship off of social media. ! No, not even a mistress but yeah she is the side piece. Ne vous en faites pas trop. Remember, you are probably the guy's way out from his uncomfortable relationship. Être une fille de côté signifie une chose: se coucher et passer un bon moment. ( Log Out /  As much as you may want to use your social media pages to offer precautionary statements to young naive girls or make testimonies of how things are really working out for you, don't do it. If you make it all about money, trust me, lady, you will end up feeling like a cheap prostitute on a dingy street corner. Follow these rules and you will live a drama free life. Remember the popular 80/20 rule! The no strings attached arrangement that you have with the guy is probably the main reason that the relationship is existing in the first place. Sharing information just forms a bond and you’re not suppose to be bonding with her! Then you going to cut the side chick off with no problem! Compiled here are some rules that side chicks should follow to the letter, to avoid the drama that comes with being the number two and to flourish at the same time. Contact with side bitches should be kept to a minimum!! Être un pouin d’accompagnement n’et pa facile. Votre homme ne sera pas là si vous avez le syndrome prémenstruel et que vous venez de regarder pour la nième fois et que vous avez besoin d'une épaule sur laquelle pleurer. Are you sure he is ready for such a serious relationship, with the main chick still in the picture? During an interview with BET, Kranium said that if you’re going to have a side chick, you have to do it “responsibly”. Bien que ce soit assez facile, ne le faites jamais. She gets out of line starts bragging on facebook, or calls your girl or starts trouble (or gives you the idea she will) cut her ass off!!!! Jamais, jamais rien admettre. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. However, as a side chick, you deserve some fun! Cependant, il y a plu à être un . Your loyalty is to your girl you owe the side chick nothing!!! Rappelez-vous, pas de selfies avec le mec, pas même avec sa main ou sa cravate. # 2 Sachez où vous en êtes. Si votre homme ne veut pas que vous sachiez où il se trouve, c'est probablement pour le mieux. Why because she is not important and if you’ve been following the other rules she shouldn’t think she is! It's pretty cheap when you make your relationship all about sex and money. Because she is not important! This seems ironic but yeah, you read it right, don't ask him for money! Faites-vous une faveur et gardez vos distances. The side chick is always in a relationship that can be quickly vanquished by drama; the ground that these kinds of relationships are built on are normally shaky and unstable. Play smart, my sister. Just live in the present. How is she going to do that?? Dans cet esprit, vous devez toujours être prudent et penser à chacun de vos mouvements. You really don't need to end up behind bars, that's not what being a side chick is about. Renseignez-vous sur ces 14 règles géniales pour les poussins latéraux. You shouldn’t be flirting with her on twitter, she shouldn’t be writing “hmu” on your facebook even if your girl doesn’t have one she will find out! # 9 Ne laissez jamais de preuves. Ce ne ont pa que de cadeaux, du exe et de ecapade excitante, bien que cela fae ouvent partie de l’accord. Make the relationship with your guys full of fantasy and not littered with the tenets of the quid pro quo principle - if you really feel the principle should be applied in your relationship then don't make it so obvious. If you do this the side chick is going to have much to say but you had sex and lies (which she isn’t going to have any proof of) And what are you going to do next when you girl ask you? However, if you are good at it, then it’s one of the most amazing experiences. Ce ne sont pas que des cadeaux, du sexe et des escapades excitantes, bien que cela fasse souvent partie de l’accord. It's also quite frustrating to be in a relationship with a man you know for sure cheats and doesn't care about you at all. So be pleasant without making her think she more than sex!

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