Step 1. 2 . In Canada, the Tim Hortons coffee chain sells iced coffee cappuccino under the brand name Iced Capps. This icy addiction can be a little expensive, so I did some research (and experimentation), which led to the perfect recipe for homemade iced capps! Every once in a while customers order "iced cappuccino"s, and if my espresso making training has taught me anything, it's that cappuccino's are espresso plus half milk and half foam. Select All. The coffee drink mix comes to the stores as a thick black syrup which is mixed at three parts water to one part syrup in a Slurpee machine. Iced cappuccino. The "Iced Cappuccino" in the Starbucks manual consists of cold milk, espresso, ice, and about 1/3 scooped foam to top. Prep : 5 Min . This is about as close as you can get to recreating the actual hot cappuccino on ice (depending on your country tradition) and is standard practice for many well respected coffee houses. Made with cappuccino mix, it only takes 5 minutes. INGREDIENTS Nutrition. How do I make it ? From the silky milky foam at the top to the unique mix of espresso, milk, and foam (1:1:1), and then the distinct coffee taste, it’s hard to say no to a glass of iced cappuccino especially on a sunny day. UNITS: US. But leave the cappuccinos for when you’re craving something hot. I'm a barista, recently found this subreddit, and this seems an appropriate place. Skip the coffee shop and whip up an icy and refreshing coffee drink at home. 3 Review(s) 5 Min . 5 People talking Join In Now Join the conversation! Iced lattes, cold brew and even iced coffee are all totally fine. Recipe by queenbeatrice. Adjust the amount of sugar to your taste. You aren't being rude, just misinformed. I love this drink on a hot summer day, so very refreshing. READY IN: 5mins. There is an iced latte, cafe macchiato, freddo espresso, iced coffee, and all sorts, but the iced cappuccino seems to be in a class of its own. Tim Hortons’ Iced Capps – I dream of them all winter, and then I drink them up all summer. Iced Cappuccino . SERVES: 4. Iced Cappuccino. YIELD: 4 cups.

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