The average seems to be around £50,000 a year in the UK, which is roughly what the average soccer player earns in week. In fact, they don’t earn as much as the better snooker players either. This means that League is more physically involving since more players are to cover the whole field. In both games, the positions are divided into "backs" and "forwards". In the Rugby Union, each side consists of 15 players and 7 substitutes, while in the Rugby League each side has 13 players and 10 substitutes. In Rugby League, each side has 13 active players, and 10 substitutions are allowed during the course of the game.The main aim is to … The League has amended some of … Rugby Union vs Rugby League: Which Players Earn the Most? A maximum of 15 players can play rugby union at any one time whereas rugby league permits 13 players. Rugby players just don’t earn as much as soccer players or American football players. Rugby League.

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