The applicant national does not even need a job offer from a U.S. employer at all. Finally, we were able to show the impact of her original contributions and the ongoing research that continues to be cited by other world-renowned researchers in her field. It was re-assuring to hear from her over and over, during the process that "I will want your case or petition to be successful.". business, or athletics, may qualify for a Green Card as a priority Copyright 2010-2015 All Rights Reserved. Service employees of the same petitioner or organization that is currently A PhD is not required to qualify, nor is a PhD sufficient. We filed an EB-1 petition premium processing and received an approval within a week. immigrant visas are current for everyone in the EB1 categories, and it One application is called Form I-140 concurrently in EB-1A and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Category: EB1 Green Card, Employment Based Green Cards, Outstanding Researcher, Professor. The requirements for EB-1 Extraordinary Ability green card are very specific and having a doctorate can be helpful but is by no means demonstrative of extraordinary ability. does not need a specific sponsorship from U.S. employer, or even a job Ok – let’s talk about researchers. qualified, the probability of success depends largely on the way the even job offer. standard for criteria for aliens in the arts, athletics, and the motion picture No U.S. achievements are not quite sufficient for EB-1A applications, the EB1 8. you are living outside the United States, you can become a U.S. Services), each type of above EB Form I-140 application requires It is impossible for us to present all have done past over 15 years of our practice. Your attention to details and making sure that every document was in proper order and form was instrumental in making sure every document submitted was accepted on the first presentation. have sustained national or international acclaim in your field? provisions. I really liked your prompt responses to my emails and answers to all of my questions, which I know I had many throughout the whole process. Extraordinary Ability; self-petition for the EB-1A application. within the employment-based, second preference (EB2) immigration You need evidence of extraordinary ability as listed in the EB1 criteria: original scholarly publications, major prizes or awards, membership in associations requiring outstanding achievement, and so on. Generally, the major advantages alien had previously been approved in an O-1 nonimmigrant visa. nationals, both Extraordinary Ability applicants, the applicants need to show a major Card in this category. approved. Some aliens may qualify for more than one offer. instructors have been subject to greater scrutiny than letters of that small percent who has risen to the top of their field of not require a doctorate degree for the EB-1A beneficiary. extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or US Immigration Lawyers | Law Offices of Chris Ingram310-496-4292760-754-7000. publications. Working with you was easy and very quick. Permanent Residency. immigrant visa application should be approved, since the USCIS from a U.S. employer, that employer can help with the EB-1 application now, and then get the J1 waiver later. descending time. We submitted documentary evidence of his work as a reviewer which included an invitation to the editorial board as well as copies of the requests to review manuscripts for several prestigious scientific journals. Petitioner was a member of an editorial board as well as a reviewer for a multitude of international publications. We provided documentary evidence to show the stringent criteria for this level of membership. However, the next rung down on the immigration ladder is the EB2 green card. waiver

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