Very. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A trucking business run by an owner operating was struggling when it came to finding the best route for the trip. Connect with the DAT Load Board and search the right load for your business. This site and all content is copyright ©2019 J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. So when we finally got a computer, I helped her create a spreadsheet. This can make picking loads complete guesswork. Every aspect of Rigbooks is built to handle trucking bookkeeping, and trucking only. What if you knew everything you made and spent on fuel and other expenses? Email us and we’ll respond in no time. See our, ©2020 J.B. Hunt Transport. With these types of programs you also can’t access your info from anywhere, making life on the road even more stressful. You can export your data at anytime. This is a lot of work, especially if you aren’t using the right system. The taxable miles will be used for generating the IFTA report. Plan trips for dispatches with a seamless tracking system, Increased efficiency in the overall business performance, Keep trucks and trailers in the best shape, FTL and LTL loads with the right technology, owner-operator save a lot of money and time, Multiple systems needed to manage your business, A single system to run your entire business. Your mind would be at ease. Owner operators enjoy access to voluntary health insurance available in single or family coverage at an affordable group rate. There’s no sign up fees, and no termination fees… no extra fees, ever. Whether you are at home or on the road on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, Rigbooks makes it easy … The problem is, you don’t know how much you’ll make until it’s too late. The TruckLogics Mobile Application totally changed the face of the owner operator's business and helped them take it on the go! There are over 114 owner operator power only program … Founder of Rigbooks Spend more time on the road and put a pin to your most preferred loads. Making time on the road more relaxed and enjoyable – and time away from the road stress-free restful. Rigbooks keeps your data backed up at all times and SSL (https) encryption is standard with all accounts. You need to know - mile-by-mile - how much it will cost to run your truck. Create FTL (Full Truckload) and LTL (Less-than-Truckload) dispatches and manage them in one place. No problem. Live support is available from 9am-6pm EST Monday through Friday. You need trucking software designed for life on the road. You don’t feel like you’re in control - and that’s no way to operate a business. Generate reports like Profit and Loss, Year-End Tax, Driver Payments, and IFTA reports and get an overall understanding of your business financially. It feels like your only option is to do everything yourself by battling spreadsheets, or back of the napkin calculations, © 2020, SPAN Enterprises LLC All rights reserved. Because it was backed up at all times. Rigbooks handles fleets of over 10+ trucks. The truth is trucking businesses like yours need to track things differently… It isn’t just a pain at tax time, it’s a pain all year. What if you didn’t have to lug out your laptop for every little purchase and instead entered them on your phone on the spot? Adding up all of the numbers, every single week. Plans include medical, dental, vision, prescription and other optional coverage. Try Rigbooks free for 30-days and love it or don’t pay a dime. The Dispatch Management feature offered by TruckLogics helped in scheduling LTL and FTL loads. is proudly owned and managed by SPAN Enterprises LLC 2685 Celanese Road Suite 103, Rock Hill SC 29732. a free 5-day course to help you build a profitable, paperless, trucking business. “We wanted a books system that would work for us. Rigbooks not only tracks the things you need, it tracks them in the way you need. Stay strong financially with the most competitive fuel prices in the industry. You don’t really know - and waiting to sort it out just makes things worse. You can add receipts you found behind your seat or in the sleeper… and they automatically go in the right place. You need to know - whether you are running or sitting - how much it costs every day. You’re left making a mad dash at tax time, crunching numbers and hoping you don’t get audited…. My parents have had a trucking business for over 25 years. It’s easy to get taken advantage of when you don’t know your numbers. or even worse… guessing. Sometimes shorter loads are more profitable. When you fall behind, your books become a monster. It was hard to find the “right one”. Manage your income and expense transactions simply and efficiently. © 2010–2020 Rigbooks, LLC. Yes, Rigbooks provides English speaking email support for all customers. Call the number below to talk to a real person here in Rock Hill, South Carolina! The Dispatch Management feature made a significant change to the owner operator’s business and increased its cash flow. the success of your business is centered around your costs per mile. Manage invoices and send them to your customers in the click of a button. Just like you, we are always working! With our integration with Promiles, generating trip sheets is easy and simple. J.B. Hunt offers discounts on both through our extensive network of vendors. Big loads with a big paycheck don’t always make you the most money. You can take advantage of these programs, offered through Innovative Health Insurance Partners, immediately. PS. As an owner operator, you know fuel and maintenance costs add up quickly. The J.B. Hunt logo, content or images may not be used or reproduced by any means without express, written consent. You need every last bit of information before you agree to a load. What if you could ditch your messy filing system because all of your paperwork was neatly sorted and filed away online. I mainly wanted a system designed for the industry that I would not have to go through and completely "edit" to make work for what we do, such as quick books. Not only is that error-prone, it’s inefficient because you waste a lot of time on extra work you shouldn’t have to do. Step in our world and get to know us better. The spreadsheet constantly messed up, so she had a million copies laying around. We also offer emergency email support 24/7. Your accountant would love you. Post your idle trucks on the DAT site and find the right load for your trucks! Based on your search preference, DAT automatically lists all the matching loads for you to plan a new haul or fill your empty backhauls. Later, after working in the software industry a few years, I realized I could make a truly great program for her. As a trucking business, each load you haul needs to be profitable. All tech support is handled in-house by the people that created the product. You can take advantage of these programs… Add multiple loads to a single dispatch and generate separate invoices and BOLs for each client's load, with, Find the best route for the trip with the. Review our, To learn more about J.B. Hunt’s owner operator advantages, call. What if you had key numbers like cost per mile, profit per mile, average miles and more – available to you at all times. ― The low-stress way to find your next owner operator power only program job opportunity is on SimplyHired. I tell everyone I know to use it.” - Tony Yaromich, Trans-Provider (Rigbooks user since July 2012). Mailing out shipping documents to customers, brokers and shippers often took way too long. There’s something’s wrong with this picture. For the owner-operator just getting started, Power Only can get you on the road faster than ever. TruckLogics mobile application had everything we need to manage our business in the palm of our hand. 114 owner operator power only program jobs available. It’s worse when you have a stack of receipts from all over the country to go through… and it’s almost impossible when you throw in being on the road at the time! What if tax time took zero extra effort because all you had to do was click a button to get a ready to go tax report. Owner-operators get to take advantage of a number of … I don’t need a secretary to use Rigbooks. Schedule dispatches in just a few clicks! From sharing all your trip-related documents with customers, brokers, and shippers to e-signing BOLs, everything can be done in just a few clicks. All rights reserved. Having an accountant do everything might sound like a great option - but the truth is it’s your business. So you put them off - but then they just build up until you have no idea whether your costs per mile are even close any more. Track and manage your trucks availability and plan your trips accordingly—no more hunting for trucks! But your lack of organization means the tax man gets more than his share and you are left feeling helpless. You’ll always up to date so you know what a load costs you today – not last year and not three months ago. I’ve put together a free 5-day course to help you build a profitable, paperless, trucking business. What if you never had to worry about a hard drive crash wiping months, or even years, of your records. Contracting with J.B. Hunt allows access to fuel and maintenance savings, weekly settlements, voluntary health programs and more. Easily track expenses, revenue, fuel, and more. It wasn’t very flexible. You’d have confidence when you hauled your loads and when you set your rates. An owner-operator in the trucking business had a hard time tracking and scheduling LTL and FTL loads. Having your accountant handle all of the numbers might take the burden off of you but it wont allow you to understand your entire operation and plan for it’s future. We do our best to respond to every email within just a few hours of receiving it. Rigbooks is pay-as-you-go, meaning there’s no contract and no long-term commitment. With Rigbooks, I can get everything done in a few minutes a week. New owner operator power only program careers are added daily on All rights reserved. The J.B. Hunt logo, content or images may not be used or reproduced by any means without express, written consent. If it’s not the right time for you I totally understand. Regular accounting software makes you do messy calculations to figure out basic truck operating expenses like cost per mile. No credit card upfront. I don’t even have to double check my totals.” – S. Forrest, Forrest Trucking (Rigbooks user since March 2010), “I’ve tried numerous accounting programs, both online and downloads. The proper use of accounting software is the only way for you … You need to make sure each load is going to earn a profit for your business. A way to itemize our expenses easily and show us where the money was going and annual, monthly and quarterly costs in just moments. you’re looking back to find out whether you made any money. Rigbooks is built for your business. Rigbooks puts profit and loss reports, expense and fuel mileage reports, and more at your fingers tips. This just makes it harder for you to figure out how much money you’re really making. A driver referral bonus is offered to active J.B. Hunt drivers and owner operators as an incentive to refer non - J.B. Hunt drivers to drive with J.B. Hunt. J.B. Hunt will deduct your premiums weekly. Yes. And from the first time I looked at the reports, this was available from the get go.” - Kathleen Ferrell, Twin Lakes Enterprise (Rigbooks user since September 2013), “I’ll never go back to using spreadsheets to keep track of my books. Convert your smartphone into a powerful tool and take your business with you on the go! This is by far the easiest to use for truckers.” - P. Wright, PC Wright Trucking(Rigbooks user since January 2011), “Everything else I tried was complicated and hard to use. Plan, create, and notify with one unified solution, Manage income, expenses, and settlements in real-time, Generate detailed IFTA reports using dispatch or ELD data, Assign dispatches, get updates, and track expenses, Keep track of maintenance schedules for all your trucks, Search load boards, communicate, and finalize loads, Make informed decisions based on detailed business reporting, Dispatch, invoice, and add expenses from anywhere, Secure and access all your documents in one place, Improve operational efficiency and reduce data entry, Manage carrier settlements, fuel-ups, expenses, and maintenance in minutes, Generate dispatches and invoices and manage income and expenses, Create and assign dispatches, send invoices and documents, and generate real-time reports, Find loads, assign dispatches, and generate invoices, all in one place.

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