It is considered the benchmark of extratropical wind storms. The fires on the West Coast forced tens of thousands of people to flee homes in California and Oregon before they could be counted, and tens of thousands of others were uncounted in Louisiana communities hit hard last month by Hurricane Laura. UPDATE from Oregon where we just delivered hot dinner to firefighters working 18 hour days on the front line of the Riverside Fire. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. In the interior of western Washington, officially measured wind gusts included 78 miles per hour (126 km/h) at Olympia, 88 mph (142 km/h) at McChord Air Force Base, 100 mph (160 km/h) at Renton at 64 feet (20 m) and 98 mph (158 km/h) at Bellingham. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The next two days will bring triple-digits into the Willamette Valley. A Victoria resident described it as "Just general devastation everywhere you went. "Wind was just blowing the rain horizontal and trees were weaving all over the place. We’ve been expressing the bump in afternoon temperatures for some time, but we haven’t quite had temperatures like this yet. [citation needed], The Oregon State Beavers–Washington Huskies college football game went on as scheduled Saturday, October 13 in Portland, in a heavily damaged Multnomah Stadium. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sign up for our email newsletters. Meals were distributed to families evacuated from their homes and first responders, including the Molalla Fire Department, which was fighting on the frontlines in one of the hardest hit areas of the state. #ChefsForOregon PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) - This weekend is our first taste of winter weather in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Indeed, a number of high wind related studies appeared in the years after the storm in an attempt to assess the return frequency of such potentially damaging winds. In addition to cooking and serving in Portland, WCK partnered with local restaurants in southern Oregon to provide meals for communities in Ashland and Medford who have also been impacted by the massive wildfires. While our teams were still active in Louisiana, Hurricane Sally hit the coast of Alabama on September 16. As the cyclone moved through Canada, another cyclone formed on its southern periphery, which merged with this cyclone by October 17.[4]. The extratropical wave cyclone deepened to a minimum central pressure of at least 960 hPa (28 inHg), and perhaps as low as 958 hPa (28.3 inHg), a pressure which would be equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale. In the very early morning hours of August 27, Hurricane Laura hit the Gulf Coast of the United States as a Category 4 storm with winds of 155 mph—one of the strongest to ever make landfall in the state of Louisiana. Damaging winds reached as far inland as Spokane. There may be some gusty moments for you folks at the Oregon coast too. WCK’s kitchen in Portland prepared comforting classics like Carolina BBQ pulled pork with roasted broccolini and carrots over cheesy mashed potatoes. More than 7 inches (180 mm) of rainfall were recorded in the Bay area.[11]. The storm ranks among the most intense to strike the region since at least 1948, likely since the January 9, 1880 "Great Gale" and snowstorm. On the other side of the country, wildfires have devastated the west coast, from California to Washington. Hurricane Douglas is moving in towards the Hawaiian Islands and will likely impact Honolulu with wind and rain. Seven-month-old TV station KATU did not receive any damage at its Livingston Mountain site, 6 miles (9.7 km) north of Camas, Washington. She shared with our team that she lived in New York City during the attacks of September 11, 2001, so she knew that when the fires hit Oregon she needed to get involved with the relief effort. To keep up-to-date with the latest information,, please follow WCK on Twitter and Instagram. Download our FREE news and weather apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. As our team heads to Alabama to join our effort for Hurricane Sally, Gigi shares a message with the community. [9], The Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. (now MetLife) named the Columbus Day Storm the nation's worst natural disaster of 1962. Oregon's share exceeded $200 million in 1962 dollars. A peak gust of 92 mph (148 km/h) was observed in Vancouver, Washington at Pearson Field, around 9 miles (14 km) to the north of downtown Portland. Livestock suffered greatly due to the barn failures: the animals were crushed under the weight of the collapsed structures, a story that was repeated many times throughout the afflicted region. Now Sunday was our coldest high temperature all month. It hits home, and affords me the opportunity to give back to those that have fed our community, kept produce in my kitchen, and showed my guests exactly what food should be.". The north Oregon coast Mt. The center passed over Tatoosh Island, Washington, before landing on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where it weakened rapidly. This is also going to be an extended stretch of heat that will bring in some mild overnight temperatures too. The Campbell Hall tower at Oregon College of Education (now Western Oregon University) in Monmouth crashed to the ground,[12] an event recorded by student photographer Wes Luchau in the most prominent picture-symbol of the storm. [14][15], The storm weakened as it travelled north into British Columbia, with peak gusts measured at 90 miles per hour (140 km/h). WCK continued preparing meals for communities in Lake Charles and Cameron, a parish that sits right on the coast where Laura came ashore. At Oregon's Cape Blanco, an anemometer that lost one of its cups registered wind gusts in excess of 145 miles per hour (233 kilometers per hour); some reports put the peak velocity at 179 mph (288 km/h). At least 46 fatalities were attributed to this storm, more than for any other Pacific Northwest weather event. KGW-TV lost its tower at Skyline and replaced the temporary tower with a new one on January 28, 1963. A reminder that a Heat Advisory is in place from 8 AM to 9 PM on Monday night. In terms of natural disaster-related fatalities for the 20th century, only Oregon's Heppner Flood of 1903 (247 deaths), Washington's Wellington avalanche of 1910 (96 deaths), the Great Fire of 1910 (87 deaths), and Eruption of Mount St. Helens of 1980 (57 deaths) caused more. [6], At the Naselle Radar Station in the Willapa Hills of southwest Washington, a wind gust of 160 mph (260 km/h) was observed. However, this weekend, we are going to be dealing with a breeze too. However, KATU didn't have a generator and power was cut off. When WCK’s Chef Tim arrived at the Jacks Trailer Court, many kids in the neighborhood came out to meet him and take dinner back to their families! Weather models have the wind pushing the 30 mph range around Tillamook by the morning hours. Chef Melissa owns Sammich, a restaurant with locations in Portland and Ashland. [10], In Central and Northern California, all-time record rains associated with the atmospheric river along the cold front caused major flooding and mudslides, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area. [5], In Salem, Oregon, a wind gust of 90 mph (140 km/h) was observed. There were trees breaking off and flying across the roads. As soon as the storm passed, our chefs fired up the grills while our logistics team surveyed the damage in cities from Pensacola, Florida to Mobile. Follow KOIN 6 for the latest news and weather. That includes everyone in the graphic below that falls in the orange from Longview all the way south to Eugene. That cold air will be felt the next few days. In total, we served 162,000 meals through this relief effort. In the city of Seattle, a peak wind speed of 65 mph (105 km/h) was recorded; this suggests gusts of at least 80 mph (130 km/h). [8] This storm became a lasting memory for local power distributors. As fires in Oregon reach containment, our team is ramping down efforts. There was little central pressure change until the cyclone passed the latitude of Astoria, Oregon, at which time the low began to degrade. It will be cold and breezy. KISN-AM also lost a tower at Smith Lake. Wherever there is a fight so that hungry people may eat, we will be there. [13] Most of the electricity, including the scoreboard and clock, was still out and players dressed by candlelight in the locker rooms. I'm a natural born leader, that's what I was put on this earth to do.”. For Pacific Northwest windstorms in the 20th century, the runner up was the infamous October 21, 1934, gale, which caused 22 fatalities, mostly in Washington. For northwest Oregon, the entire power distribution system had to be rebuilt from the ground up. We cooked up a sausage gumbo with fresh salads for the last day of service! The storm is a contender for the title of most powerful extratropical cyclone recorded in the U.S. in the 20th century; with respect to wind velocity, it is unmatched by the March 1993 "Storm of the Century" and the "1991 Halloween Nor'easter" ("The Perfect Storm"). Since August, WCK’s Relief Team has responded to wildfires burning up and down the West Coast of the US and two hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast within weeks of one another. WCK has concluded our emergency response in Lake Charles, LA following Hurricane Laura. [18] Stanley Park lost 3,000 trees. The system brought strong winds to the Pacific Northwest and southwest Canada, and was linked to 46 fatalities in the northwest and Northern California resulting from heavy rains and mudslides. [16] Five people in British Columbia were killed in the storm,[17] and the area suffered $80 million in damages. Having an organization like WCK to organize the effort of our volunteers and support those affected means the world to me. A steaming plate of pasta bolognese with roasted veggies was welcome comfort for many families in the community who were dealing with flooding and no power in their homes.

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