De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. The Atlantic provinces also have higher rural populations. The province is also home to a number of other museums in addition to the provincial museum. Important information about recruiters and consultants. The companies have significant holdings in agriculture, forestry, food processing, freight transport (including railways and trucking), media, oil, and shipbuilding. from the tri-state area attend outstanding events featuring international orchestras, Broadway musicals, world-class dance, pop concerts, and more. At the time of European contact, inhabitants were the Mi'kmaq, the Maliseet, and the Passamaquoddy. Participants are encouraged to come in costume and receive an assortment of candy. The province also operates five public post-secondary institutions, including a college and four universities. Canadian National Railway operates freight services along the same route, as well as a subdivision from Moncton to Saint John. Het is de enige provincie die officieel tweetalig Engels-Frans is. City Center's Theatre District is NJ's premier destination for performing arts and entertainment. Read More. From fast casual to fine dining - familiar and delicious to complex and extraordinary, City Center chefs are constantly introducing new flavors into their menus. [16] In the same year, New Brunswick formed its first elected assembly. After Canada joined World War II, 14 NB army units were organized, in addition to The Royal New Brunswick Regiment,[6] and first deployed in the Italian campaign in 1943. Some settled around Memramcook and along the Saint John River. [47] In 2015, spending on non-resident tourism in New Brunswick was $441 million, which provided $87 million in tax revenue.[48]. Ninety-two per cent of the land in the province, inhabited by about 35% of the population, is under provincial administration and has no local, elected representation. Atypically for Canada, only about half of the population lives in urban areas, mostly in Greater Moncton; Greater Saint John; and the capital, Fredericton. In 1604, a party including Samuel de Champlain visited the mouth of the Saint John River on the eponymous Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. Information for employers Theatre New Brunswick (based in Fredericton), tours plays around the province. [61], The government has frequently attempted to create employment through subsidies, which has often failed to generate long-term economic prosperity and has resulted in bad debt,[61] examples of which include Bricklin, Atcon,[62] and the Marriott call centre in Fredericton.[63]. Phone: 732-545-4849 Government and public services are available in both English and French. One third of the population describes themselves as bilingual. New Brunswick (French: Nouveau-Brunswick) is one of four Atlantic provinces on the east coast of Canada. New Brunswick wordt zowel tot de Maritieme Provincies als tot Atlantisch Canada gerekend. ; 03/20/2014 New Brunswick Free Public Library Adds 5th English Conversation Group ; 03/19/2014 City Council President Escobar Participates in National March for Meals Campaign Elevated parts of the far north of the province have a subarctic climate. The art gallery at Mount Allison University is presently the oldest university-operated art gallery in Canada. City Center is home to over 50 restaurants and eateries that constitute a diverse mix of international cuisines and colorful ambiances to pair with all tastes. [54] Ceremonial duties of the Monarchy in New Brunswick are mostly carried out by the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick. Magma pushed up through the cracks, forming basalt columns on Grand Manan. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 13 sep 2020 om 20:21. [29] Today the sea level is about 30 cm (1') higher than it was 100 years ago, and it is expected to rise twice that much again by the year 2100.[29]. Modern New Brunswick artists include landscape painter Jack Humphrey, sculptor Claude Roussel, and Miller Brittain. WATCH OUR FEATURED VIDEO. There were 30 active natural gas production sites in 2012.[13]. These afterschool sessions are for artists of all skill levels between the ages of 7 and 14. [6] Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, who had promised no conscription, asked the provinces if they would release the government of said promise. While relatively unindustrialized before the war, New Brunswick became home to 34 plants on military contracts from which the province received over $78 million. In 1755, the British captured Fort Beauséjour, severing the Acadian supply lines to Nova Scotia, and Île-Royale. Though expenditures are down (through government pension reform and a reduction in the number of public employees), they have increased relative to GDP,[64] necessitating further measures to reduce debt in the future. Antonine Maillet was the first non-European winner of France's Prix Goncourt. In 2006 there were three rural communities. [21] The 1864 Charlottetown Conference was intended to discuss a Maritime Union, but concerns over possible conquest by the Americans, coupled with a belief that Britain was unwilling to defend its colonies against an American attack, led to a request from the Province of Canada (now Ontario and Quebec) to expand the meeting's scope. These were further subdivided into 152 parishes, which also lost their political significance in 1966 but are still used as census subdivisions by Statistics Canada. Het is de enige provincie die officieel tweetalig Engels-Frans is. Other products include salmon, crab, and herring. Eventually, sea water from the Panthalassic Ocean invaded the basin, forming the Windsor Sea. [52] Mines in New Brunswick produce lead, zinc, copper, and potash. These include jack pine, balsam fir, black spruce, white birch, and poplar. The four Atlantic Provinces are Canada's least populated, with New Brunswick the third-least populous at 747,101 in 2016. Skip the traffic and enjoy being minutes away from rivers, lakes and oceans – New Brunswick is waiting for you. [35] 03/20/2014 Photos and Information from the Clean City Block Captain Meeting ; 03/20/2014 Did You Know New Brunswick Has: A Complete Streets Policy? Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. [20] In 1848, responsible home government was granted,[17] and the 1850s saw the emergence of political parties largely organised along religious and ethnic lines. Chateau Saint John Trademark Collection by Wyndham, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Fredericton, Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Moncton. The 1800s saw an age of prosperity based on wood export and shipbuilding,[19] which was bolstered by the Canadian–American Reciprocity Treaty of 1854 and demand from the American Civil War. The head of government is the Premier of New Brunswick, normally the leader of the party or coalition with the most seats in the legislative assembly. By the early 1700s the French settlements formed a part of Acadia, a colonial division of New France. New Brunswick is an especially attractive immigration destination for downsizers – people who desire a simpler, no-frills lifestyle amidst a land teeming with lakes and forests. In the 2001 census, the most commonly reported ethnicities were British 40%, French Canadian and Acadian 31%, Irish 18%, other European 7%, First Nations 3%, Asian Canadian 2%. Canadian playwright Norm Foster saw his early works premiere with Theatre New Brunswick. De provincie is genoemd naar het Duitse Brunswijk. Furbish's lousewort, a perennial herb endemic to the shores of the upper Saint John River, is an endangered species threatened by habitat destruction, riverside development, forestry, littering and recreational use of the riverbank. The program came into its own under John A. Hammond, from 1893 to 1916. Evidence of climate change in New Brunswick can be seen in its more intense precipitation events, more frequent winter thaws, and one quarter to half the amount of snowpack. Symphony New Brunswick, based in Saint John, tours extensively in the province. Government revenues are shrinking because of a decline in federal transfer payments.

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