Foxboro, Massachusetts picked up 10 inches and 7 inches fell down to Providence, Rhode Island. The higher elevations of northern Connecticut picked up over a foot of snow. “Would you believe that I wore my winter hoots today,” she said. Thunderstorms in southern Pennsylvania were accompanied by 70 mph winds. In May of 1977,  an unusual snow event occurred across parts of the Northeast. A couple of locations in the Finger Lakes region picked up 4 inches of snow. There were reports of extremely high winds on Long island yesterday afternoon. Trees and branches ell across power lines and roads everywhere in the area, leaving thousands without electricity or phones for hours. There was also some very cold air aloft that was manufactured by the upper trough. Still, in Norfolk a trace of snow has been recorded 85 times since 1943 and there have been 16 instances of measureable snow. A state of emergency was declared in one Hudson River village, Coxsackie, just above Catskill. All rights reserved. Before it was all over, one to two feet of snow blanketed some higher elevations. Photo of snow on the ground at Tolland, Connecticut, on May 9, 1977. For Providence, it was their only measurable snowfall in the 20th century. The Last Hurrah of a Feisty Winter Brings the Latest Spring Snow Ever. Julia Tashiian, a secretary in downtown Hartford, said the severe weather had damaged garden plants that she left out on her back porch last night. Farther west, the Berkshires of Massachusetts picked up 10-20 inches of snow. No one was injured. A light snowfall in New Jersey made it the latest spring snow since May 10, 1906, and the snow in Connecticut was the latest in records that date from 1905. From parts of the Mid-Atlantic through Upstate New York and into New England, the landscape became whitened with snow on Monday, May 9th and the following night. As temperatures fell on May 9th, the rain changed to snow in many locations. Trace amounts fell over New Jersey and much of Pennsylvania. The infamous May 1977 snowstorm dropped an incredible 20" of snow in Norfolk and 1.3" at Bradley International Airport. Only a trace of snow fell around New York City but that was the latest snowfall on record. Parts of the Mohawk Valley saw 2 to 3 inches of snow. Do you remember the May 9, 1977 snowstorm? COVID-19 Hospitalizations Increasing to a ‘Concerning' Level, Positivity Rate Down, Copyright © 2020 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. Telephone communications and electric service were disrupted and a rash of minor traffic accidents was reported. With leaves on the trees and heavy wet snow falling all you had to do was add significant wind to create havoc with trees falling on power lines all over. ... “When lilacs last in the snowstorm bloomed.” • In Connecticut, the snow was reported to have heavily damaged the tobacco crop. However, it was quite a different story around these parts Monday, May 9, 1977. The official observer in Norfolk, Russell Russ, told me the snow was mixed with rain this morning from 8:00-9:00 and then at 9 a good burst of heavy snow occured. He acted like I was crazy. The storm was a ferocious nor'easter that was almost as unsual as the October 3, 1987 storm or October 30, 2011 storm with widespread tree and power line damage due to the large number of leaves on the trees. Actually, Mother’s Day (May 8th) was chilly with rain across much of the region. These systems were responsible for chilly temperatures and areas of rain. No accumulation occurred. About three hours earlier, what were described as small twisters touched down in Oceanside and Rockville Centre. “Maybe I won't have to do it now.”. Up to 12 inches came down in parts of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts and more than eight inches fell over northern Connecticut. The snow was accompanied by high winds. At the surface, the Pennsylvania low became the one dominant low around coastal New England, with, with a deep upper-level trough aloft. From May 9 to May 10, 1977, a foot of snow fell in northwestern Rhode Island up to Boston, and 2-4 inches in Bristol County. The storm dropped about seven inches of snow in Providence and 12.7 in Worcester. That night and into the next day, some dramatic changes were occurring in the upper atmosphere which would usher in cold air and change the rain to snow. One location in the Catskill Mountains reported a whopping 27 inches of snow. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Most fruit‐growers escaped serious crop damage in the storm, but some farmers were worried about sustained nighttime cold temperatures. Tree branches were crashing down, roads blocked, no plows out…  I called my boss and said, “I need to come in the driving is dangerous out here”. In New York City, snow fell briefly in midmorning and in the early afternoon as a day of intermittent rain, sleet and hail passed drearily. It tore down acres of tents covering the tobacco fields. In Connecticut, the snow was reported to have heavily damaged the tobacco crop. The snow on May 9 was the latest recorded in any spring since record‐keeping began in 1869. Heavy wet snow was accompanied by fierce winds across parts of New England. Due to the time of year, it was mainly an “elevation” snow event, but parts of southeast New England was proximate to the upper-level trough so significant snow fell at the lower elevations as well. Mayor Guy Rider declared the emergency at 6:30 A.M. because the snow had knocked out the village's water‐supply plant, the water‐treatment plant and the auxiliary generators, in addition to downing the wires. The latest spring snowstorm ever recorded in the New York metropolitan region blustered over much of the Northeast yesterday, closing schools, snarling traffic and cloaking newly plowed fields and the delicate blossoms of May in a harsh reprise of winter. Boston only picked up .50 inches of snow but that set a record for the latest measurable snowfall. We lived in Lexington at the time and lost many tree branches. The only good thing about the storm was that temperatures in the lower elevations were above freezing and with the higher sun angle, most of the roads didn’t become snow covered. A storm system brought snow and record-cold temperatures to much of New England. Extensive tree and power line damage kept crews working for days to restore power. My Dad was at a meeting at my school that evening, a mile and a half away from home, and couldn’t get home for more than a day because all the roads were blocked. Traveling was also difficult. Even Boston had measurable snow occur in the wee hours of May 10, … Snow is not unheard of in May over parts of the Northeast, but many residents will refer to the Mother’s Day event in 1977. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. People in Litchfield County woke up to a bit of a surprise this morning - snow was falling at a steady clip! “Last week I had on my bikini.”, See the article in its original context from. The previous record for the latest spring snow was May 4, set in 1946. Around the East Coast, there was a deep trough of low pressure developing. Coler sir flowed down into the Northeast region from Canada. The National Weather Service predicted a variably cloudy day over the metropolitan area today, with occasional high winds and high temperatures in the 50's. Hartford recorded 1.5 inches. Ella T. Grasso's office, said she had some trouble getting to work this morning at the Capitol. The other one lore off a skylight at Bob's Amoco Service Station en Long Beach Road in Rockville Centre. This snow was nothing like what occured 40 years ago in Connecticut. No injuries were reported in either incident. There were blizzard conditions at times in eastern Massachusetts. According to the weather data, there was 7 inches of snow in Providence, 4 inches in Seekonk, and 10 inches in … Premium Video Discussion for May 10, 2019. This snow was nothing like what occured 40 years ago in Connecticut. There were wind gusts to 55 mph at times. “My husband was hugging me to plant them,” she said. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. One driver gave this description on a message board from about the storm : I was out driving around the communities between 128 and 495.. Lincoln, Sudbury, Concord…. In New York City, where about a quarter of an inch of precipitation was measured, the day's low temperature was 36 degrees, one degree above a record low for the date set in 1947. A huge section of the glass facade of the State Office Building at Hauppauge‐1,300 square feet of glass—blew out and rained shards down on an entrance plaza at 4:50 P.M., just 10 minutes before the plaza would have been crowded with hundreds of homebound workers. The first one was moving across southern Ontario while the other was moving into southern Pennsylvania. Barbara Hickey, a secretary in Gov. The infamous May 1977 snowstorm dropped an incredible 20" of snow in Norfolk and 1.3" at Bradley International Airport. On May 8th there were two areas of low pressure that were moving eastward. In fact, at Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Stratford, a trace of snow fell, and the temperature dropped to 37 degrees that morning, establishing a record low for this date. Sanders and snowplows that had been put away had to be hauled out and pressed into service again. The surprise storm was expected to move out to sea overnight, departing as quickly as it appeared. The heaviest snow fell in upstate New York — 13 inches at Tannersville in the Catskills and 10 inches in Columbia County. Massachusetts was particularly hard hit. He had to stay with friends that night. Schools in many Hudson Valley communities canceled classes. She lives in Vernon, a suburb 10 miles north of Hartford. 500,000  customers were without power across Massachusetts. Felled electric wires “danced” in the streets, according to Ronald Rea, the Police Chief there.

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