We pulled away from each other with slow reluctance and I set her on her feet, caught her when her knees buckled, kissed her again. After the meeting, Harry heads back to Murphy’s place. On the desk. It works. We do get a really tiny but sweet friendship building moment as Harry shelters Murphy with his coat while they’re trapped in the cold pit waiting for the bad guys to finish them. Harry is in hospital. She smirked and sauntered out in her oversized flip-flops, and her consultant followed. Sounds fun, right? "But try to reel it in. "We have been together a long time, after all, and you know what they say—", I bit back a laugh of my own. Harry gets caught up in a fairy tale predicament, and Murphy is the most jaded rescuing prince ever. That’s the story, right? Paranormal Investigations. It’s a testament to Butcher’s excellent comprehension of character development and style that he wrote them this way. Harry has to talk them both down from shooting each other, and he realizes that there is something Ebenezar hasn’t told him based on Kincaid’s reaction. She looked away, her hand closed around one of the remaining plastic glow sticks which glimmered to life with a snap, like one of the Valkyrie's strange rune-carved magical foci. Not his sexuality in general, but just how he can’t think about anything else when she’s around and he gets so jealous and bitter with her rather than with how he is with other women later in the series. Harry technically broke the First Law of Magic: thou shall not kill, but through the grace of some holy power, his mentor Ebenezar convinced the Council that it was self-defense and adopted him to teach him how to use his powers properly and to channel some of that rage into something productive. Womp, womp, womp. From their interactions, Harry concludes that they are both too sloppy to orchestrate the Summer Knight’s murder and they leave Undertown. your own Pins on Pinterest You’ve got no say in it. Alright, Seal Team Sexy!" ", "A badass bodyguard. "Like this one.". The monsters mostly come at night. I’ve been thinking of a list of things that are less painful to experience than the contents of Harry’s conversation with his mentor. It was twice as strong as it had smelled, dry and oddly-flavored, searing all the way down. They have a brief conversation in which Lasciel offers Harry her almost endless knowledge and power and Harry tells her to shove it. It should be noted that Thomas shows up to the duel drunk off his ass and high as a cloud wearing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer t-shirt. Both are recurring characters with distinctive quirks that make them easy to remember. You’re not even involved with her. Harry assembles Billy’s wolf pack and they go to face Aurora at the Stone Table. Probably, yes, but she came over for two real reasons: (1) to have an excuse to ditch the trip if Harry was in the middle of a case that required her help (2) to see if Harry finally realized the romantic and sexual tension between them and would stop her from going by sharing his feelings with her. Raith returns and Harry and Murphy jump him. Naturally, Thomas is a freaking vampire with vampire speed, so Harry has to use basically every last drop of his strength and agility to “win” the race, and is exhausted and is about to gulp down a whole bottle of cold water when Thomas knocks it out of his hand. They are like night and day, and in a good way. Thomas wants Harry to help his friend, Arturo Genosa, who might be the subject of an entropy curse. It didn't take long — of course it didn't, and even before, when we'd had the option to linger, it still felt as if we were trying to make up for all the time we had lost, all the years we had spent denying ourselves. While they negotiate, it’s here that we have another passage that really shows the unbearable talent of Jim Butcher’s writing. Their friendship is pretty much forged by fire and is tougher than steel, so it’s really great to read moments like this where they can share and grow. It amuses me greatly that he’s been busted down from detective on account of having a smart mouth and an attitude, since it explains a lot of why Murphy trusts him. She outright lied to his face to get him to comply with her “help” and then tries to pass it off as not that bad to him when he finally puts it together that it’s all in his head and that’s why his friends and Bock the bookstore owner have been worried he’s going nuts. "You know, I always kind of hoped I'd meet my end out on a yacht, surrounded by beautiful women. “I’m not from your town … I’m only human.” Mab’s gaze remained on me, cold and heavy as a blanket of snow. As I did, there was a solid thump on the deck just outside the door, a yelp, a muffled swear. Harry proceeds to unzip his pants and dump a goblet of literal ice-cold water on his crotch to stay focused. Shut up. A good foil for Harry, but little else than that in my eyes. "Skál!" There is also a detail I actually forgot about during my first read-through. Which…I’m so sorry, that’s one of the funniest damn things in this whole book. Hell, we don't even have to have a party or anything, we could just shake on it—", She was laughing weakly, though she scuffed the back of her hand across her cheek once or twice. He offers him one of the coins in exchange for not killing him, because he knows of Harry’s reputation for destroying his opponents, and Nicodemus knows that somewhere down the line, they will have to face off, so he’d rather nip it in the bud. Six books and you just now realized that consciously. Us." There has to be a line somewhere, and this is his. Ebenezar apprenticed Harry’s mother, Margaret, and he knew that Lord Raith used an entropy curse to kill her for abandoning him and his allies. And now the Burger King was on fire, and it was my fault. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the dresdenfiles community. She was staring at me, waiting for me to make sense and the space between us seemed like miles instead of inches. Cute. Delightfully, though, Murphy’s bulky pants get in the way and so Kincaid has to take them off before she can get to work. It works incredibly well against the grisly murder Harry is called in to consult on, and it’s also a really good set up for the evolution of their relationship. No light reflected from the water but moonlight and a sparkling band of stars that seemed less distant now, more familiar. She clutched a red and white disposable plastic cup like it was a crystal wine glass. I continue to turn Hulk-green with envy that Butcher can write such gut-bustingly funny scenes when Harry is in mortal danger. Tags:book review, donald morgan, harry blackstone copperfield dresden, harry dresden, jim butcher, johnny marcone, karrin murphy, review, series review, susan rodriguez, the dresden files, urban fantasy. Though if any of them had managed to change the weather for me, I might also have said a very loud and enthusiastic yes.". That sound you’re hearing is me gross sobbing even louder. While they’re feeling honest, Murphy admits that Kincaid taking her pants off kind of rustled her jimmies while Harry quietly thinks about how she’s seeing straight through him while talking about her lack of love life and it basically just feels like this: But I digress. All in good fun. It’s. The vampire drew a chrome blade from the belt and checked her reflection in the mirror finish. Harry cleans up and takes Mouse for a walk and Murphy is waiting for him when he gets back. Just…get married. And then Thomas drops a f**king atom bomb. Murphy shrugged casually, but the corner of her mouth lifted in a very small smile that made my heart skip a nervous beat. It’s not spontaneous, but it is a delightful development that I think just snuck up on him one day. It’s Harry and Murphy facing off with the loup-garou all while the two are in the middle of the biggest fight of their entire friendship. Harry was hoping for this to end in a Fake-Out Make-Out. She took a drink and winced. Of course, now if she finds a good fence, she's a multi-millionaire. Get used to that joke, folks, I’m a bitter old crone. Harry and Raith have a showdown, and just before Raith can take Harry out, Lara appears, having watched most of the fight and decided who she’s going to back up in the end. Harry Dresden, you are bad for my heart, sir. Every damn time. This is what makes Harry such a likable character. "So I've heard. Takes place after Skin Game and Canon RWBY events play out up to v3e10, so watch out for spoilers! Naturally, that’s when the next waves of baddies attacks, this time darkhounds followed by Mavra. Someone had lit a camp lantern and hung it over the table, where it swung and sputtered a bit as the boat rocked. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". It’s here that we get one of the Mack Daddy of all the Harry/Murphy shippy moments, which is Harry seeing Murphy in the dress for the first time ever. Harry and Karrin finally do something about all that unresolved tension. I don’t want to feel things. "That's not entirely true. ", "Tastes like licorice." And you're right," Murphy continued, very rational, though when she glanced up at me again the look in her eyes was very much not. We've got a good thing going, you and me. This is where the ‘write honestly’ part comes in. Why did you get large breed Puppy Chow?”. "Ten out of a possible ten from the White Court." Feel free to discuss the books, television series, comic books, RPG, and other works by Jim Butcher (such as Codex Alera and Cinder Spires, et al.

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