The Approaching Wall! External Links Jason Douglas, Actor: Dropa. Jason Douglas (born February 14, 1973 in Arkansas) is an American voice actor who works for ADV Films, FUNimation Entertainment, OkraTron 5000 and Seraphim Digital. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Reporter 03 Jason Douglas is the voice actor of Jacques Schnee and Reporter 03. on Voiced most times by Jason Douglas, Takehito Koyasu. Most notably, Douglas played the hitman hired to kill Marv in Robert Rodríguez 's 2005 film adaptation of Frank Miller's " Sin City " graphic novels; also in 2005, he appeared as Tom Cooper in the TNT miniseries Into the West, produced by Steven Spielberg. Professional Born 33), Additional Voices Looking for some great streaming picks? Occupations In January 2015, creators of the TV show Criminal Minds confirmed that the characters of FBI profilers Jason Gideon and David Rossi were based on Douglas. ✘ No He is well known for voicing Beerus in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods … He voices Daiya Owada in Danganronpa: The Animation. Better Call Saul Sayonara, Onii-sama... watashi, hontô ni kaecchau yo? 11), Minagawa (ep. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Mastering Ultra Instinct!! Jason Douglas was born on February 14, 1973 in Arkansas, USA as Jason Scott Douglas. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! A Singing Voice Is the Devil's Temptation, Martian Successor Nadesico - The Motion Picture: Prince of Darkness. He was nominated for a BTVA Anime Dub Award for Best Male Supporting Vocal Performance in an Anime Movie/Special in 2014 and 2015 due to his roles as Aokiji and Beerus. Contact Info: Gender On MyAnimeList you can learn more about their role in the anime and manga industry. Douglas voiced King Cold (and later South Kai) and Killa in Dragon Ball Z Kai, replacing Brad Jackson and Dameon Clarke. This is an unofficial site. Arkansas, USA He has also provided voices for many characters in shows like My Hero Academia, RWBY, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Psycho-Pass, and Parasyte -the maxim. Abenobashi Sword and Sorcery Shopping District. Chotto saki ha yami darake? Aura Battler Dunbine (1983-1984) - Admiral Scott, King Hamm (ep. Jason Douglas is an Amercian actor. Personal Climb, Liquid! Breaking Bad From Coraline to ParaNorman check out some of our favorite family-friendly movie picks to watch this Halloween. The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice, Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Comprehensive listing of Jason Douglas's anime credits @ the Crystalacids database, He currently works for ADV Films, Funimation Entertainment, and Seraphim Digital Studios. They have three children. Preacher; Jack Reacher: Never Go Back; From Dusk Till Dawn, The Series ; Breaking Bad; Revolution; Nashville ; Sin City; No Country for Old Men; Dragon Ball Super; Borderlands 2; Black Butler 2; One Piece; Psycho Pass ; Soul Eater ; Prison Break; Secondhand Lion; Two Face; Attack on Titan He has also made recurring and guest-starring appearances on hit television shows including The Leftovers, Nashville, and The Night Shift, and is currently portraying Tobin in AMC's other series The Walking Dead. He is known for dubbing and acting various TV series such as Tobin in Walking Dead, Beerus in Dragon Ball series and Aokiji in One Piece. Place of Birth Gohan's the Teacher! RahXephon: The Motion Picture - Pluralitas Concentio, Hajimete no sotsugyo/Bankan/Kanashimi/Boko/Minna, Shinro sodan/Goukaku kigan/Fuaito/Benkyoukai/Tomo to Osaka unmei no hi, Shinro/Taiketsu/Hayaku iko/Jinbo/Mayaa to issho, Kanda/Moriageyaku/Kangaetenakatta/Minna de hashirimasu/Ichigan, Kitai/Itemo tattemo/Umi no mokuzu/Yume no shima/Yama ni sumu neko, Final Movement: Deep Away Into Infinity/Time Enough for Love, Twenty-Fifth Movement: God's Uncertain Sound/Deus Ex Machina, Thirteenth Movement: First Human Specimen/Sleeping Beauty, Twelfth Movement: The Black Egg/Resonance, Eleventh Movement: Ellusive Circuit/Nightmare, Fired up! Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, The Catastrophe That Started with a Death March, The Man Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches Neither, Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series, DanMachi: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? El Camino He is an actor, known for, Wed, Oct 28 Jason Douglas Premonition and the Coen Brothers film No Country For Old Men. An Unprecedented Super Showdown! Jason Douglas is an American actor, writer and voice actor. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Buki (desusaizu) wo motta Shinigami-sama. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Jason Douglas The Ultimate Survival Battle!! Name He also voiced Hero (Silent) in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He is married to Jessica Holly Douglas (Templet). Jason Douglas is a Texas-based actor who has appeared many both studio and independent feature films including Sin City, Parkland, Two Step, and the Academy Award-winning No Country for Old Men.

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