Unusually the central islands of the Moluccas, with destinations such as Ambon and Banda, experience their wet season during this time. Get your weekly fix of holiday inspiration from some of the world's best travel writers plus save on your next trip with the latest exclusive offers. However there is generally also a fair amount of sunshine during the wet season almost everywhere except in the mountains. The preplanning of the holiday was interactive, so S.A. was able to offer exactly what we wanted. Kalimantan is a large island and weather conditions vary slightly across the island, with the southern regions being the driest and the rainforest-covered interior predictably the wettest. However, overall the rains on Kalimantan tend to be lower than neighbouring parts of Indonesia, such as the island of Java. As the specialist has visited the countries they are able to offer insight and tips for an even better experience. 18 May, 2020. I would never travel to Asia with any other company. It really depends on your travel plans: muddy back roads can be a problem during wet season if you intend to explore more off the beaten track locations and rough seas can render some islands inaccessible to smaller boats. The holiday itself went like clockwork, guides and drivers were good and on-time. “Fantastic Cambodian holiday” The guides were knowledgeable and pleasant, the drivers courteous and careful, and the suggested itinerary suited us well. “Fantastic company, great holiday and amazing service when it all went wrong” 24 November, 2019. Finishing at a fantastic beach resort. The temperature between regions … Sumatra and Borneo are much wilder than Java although increasing tracts of forest are now being cleared for rubber and palm oil plantations. Jun Select a destination to see the climate guide for all months of the year. During the rainy season, rain starts around noon and lasts into the Once this was all confirmed we had access to a great app that had all the information required to make a stress free trip. In Toraja and the southern part of the island monsoon rains fall between November & April; whilst the city of Manado and the northern regions experience rainfall year round, with the driest months between July & October. HOWEVER whist most tour operators abandoned their quests Selective ensured we had a rep onsite at the facility who would bring us food and drink and even a pack of cards. [1040440] Climate is the statistics of weather, usually over a 30-year interval. showers in a dry season's afternoon is a regular affair. Indonesian Weather Forecast features information on Weather & Climate of Indonesia. Apart from spectacular mountain volcanoes, deep tropical rainforest and miles of white sandy beaches there is history, architecture, music, dance and traditional crafts. While Nick and his team were working at 1am in the morning to get us out the country, BA wouldn’t answer the phone and refused to get us home. You can always. 30 April, 2020. In Bali for example, in the south of the island, there will be on average 8 hours of sunshine each day during December, January and February. With its rich cultural heritage and diverse population Indonesia offers travellers an enormous variety of destinations and holiday experiences. very responsive to personal goals and requests. Guides were great. Generally drier weather conditions prevail during the south-east monsoon period from June to September especially over the islands nearest to Australia which includes Java and Bali and Lombok. Our guides and drivers were perfect and a great part of the SA team. Usually during this time the further west and north you are the more rain there is. Sumatra is a fairly large island, split by the equator and weather conditions vary slightly across the island. Other travel companies could learn from them. Weather conditions across the central Molucca islands of Ambon and Seram differ from the rest of Indonesia. Generally speaking, the best time of year to visit Indonesia is between May and September when the days are dry and sunny. Temperatures in Bali are fairly consistent year round, ranging from 26°C - 29°C, although the central regions around Ubud and the mountains, such as Mt Batur, experience cooler temperatures and higher rainfall than the coastal regions. Indonesia Climate. Indonesia - Climate data - Climate information and average monthly temperature, humidity, rainfall, snowfall, daylight, sunshine, UV index, and sea temperature for all cities and towns. West Papua and the islands of Raja Ampat can be visited year-round; there isn’t really an off-season. The temperature is almost constant The logistics worked like clockwork, the guides and drivers were always there when they were supposed to be and were very helpful and informative. There are only two types of weather in Indonesia, fine and sunny or cloudy and wet. Aug Within this chain there are about 70 active volcanoes, most of which have erupted at some time in the past 100 years. Independent Service Rating based on 283 verified reviews. annual precipitation is 1800mm. However, during wet season temperatures remain high and rainfall comes in the form of intense tropical downpours that tend to last for a couple of hours and needn’t spoil your trip. We received an excellent service throughout our holiday in Vietnam. 25 November, 2019. Excellent from start to finish. Date of birth, enlightenment & nirvana of Buddha. Fast forward 9 years and 2 children later we wanted to book the "trip of a lifetime" and Selective Asia was foremost for our booking. Temperature-wise it can get very stuffy on the coast, with highs of 34°C, dropping to a positively brisk 24°C in the hills of central Sulawesi. Between the months of June and September these islands experience rainfall and are best visited between the months of October and May. seasons. Recognizing that Indonesia is one of the world’s largest emitters of the greenhouse gases, the Government of Indonesia (GOI) has committed to reduce The temperature on the coast is about 28° C Celsius and drops Frequent communication, listened to what we wanted offered advice when asked for. This is the second holiday we have enjoyed with Selective Asia. The itinerary is created together with you and hotel and activity selections being tailored exactly to our needs. “Forceibility Quarantined in Vietnam - would I use again!” 18 March, 2020. Most of Indonesia has their rainy seasons from October through Sulawesi, with its unusual shape, also experiences slightly different weather patterns and rainfall can be expected in the northern regions of the island during June and July. “Looked after by Selective Asia for the 2nd trip.” “Choose Selective Asia for a perfect special holiday.” Weather in Indonesia can be split into two seasons - wet and dry - with warm tropical temperatures averaging 28°C during the day, throughout the year. Quarantine Support: There was nothing that Nick or the team could have done about this it was simply the Vietnese overnment being ultra cautious. “A holiday which we will remember forever. Temperatures are fairly constant throughout the year and depend mainly on elevation above sea level, while heat and humidity is high in all months. Weather and Climate of Indonesia - Because of its proximity to equator, The partners in the countries are equally amazing making the whole adventure very special. The northern part of Sumatra, particularly the Aceh region, was hit hard by the Asian Tsunami of December 2004. The vegetation throughout the country is tropical with large areas of rainforest still standing on the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, and New Guinea. SelectiveAsia were responsible for all travel while in Malaysia but I’d booked the flights to and from the country through BA. The island experiences a light rainy season from March to May, with heavier rains falling between November and January. They take care of the bookings, the logistics, their attention to detail is second to none. Generally, the weather is hot and humid. The itinerary was excellent, we had a really good breadth of experience in each country. Weather and climate Indonesia. The best time of year to visit the island of Java is during dry season which spans from May to September, when days are hot, dry and sunny. In the Baliem Valley, at altitude, showers can be expected year-round, with the wettest months of the year being May and June. daytime they reach to about 22° C. Boats were waiting for us and all the accommodation arrangements went well. The dry season does not mean that there are no rains. The heaviest rainfall in the north is typically between October and January. The amount of rain varies from island to island and is … A chain of volcanic mountains stretches down the western side of Sumatra, extending to Java and Bali and through the islands of Nusa Tenggara to the east. 12 March, 2020. Nothing was too much trouble.” On Sumatra it rains from October to January in the north, and November to February in the south. “Absolutely Fabulous!” Rainy season in Java runs from November to March, although East Java experiences less rainfall than the western regions. The ocean is warm year-round too. 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Find out more about our data sources. Bali’s dry season spans from April to September, with days characterised by blue skies and sunshine. Much of the original forest on Java has been cleared for cultivation, mainly for rice, however areas of wilderness can still be found such as at the Ujung Kulon National Park in the west. Weather and Climate of Indonesia - Because of its proximity to equator, Indonesia has tropical climate. In most regions, the dry season spans from May to September, with the rains falling between October and April. The itinerary was perfect with plenty of time for thorough exploration of Angkor Wat and other very interesting temples, great excursions to discover village and town life with local interaction in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Wet season falls between October and March, with November, December and January seeing the most rainfall. Hell yeah!

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