It is beneficial to appoint the conclusion to the best speaker as this is where all the information is pooled together. It is important to set deadlines for this. A presentation of a group G comprises a set S of generators—so that every element of the group can be written as a product of powers of some of these generators—and a set R of relations among those generators. It is more of a group effort to complete a job properly. or The first systematic study was given by Walther von Dyck, student of Felix Klein, in the early 1880s, laying the foundations for combinatorial group theory.[3]. Pay attention to possible gaps in the group’s work — are there important topics or tasks that the group is overlooking? ⟨ This is an important skill to learn how to master because in most social situations you have to learn how to compromise and be understanding. A presentation is said to be finitely generated if S is finite and finitely related if R is finite. We often see R abbreviated, giving the presentation, An even shorter form drops the equality and identity signs, to list just the set of relators, which is {r 8, f 2, (rf )2}. The audience is able to see the whole team so it is important that you look interested in what is being said and react to it, even if you have heard it multiple times. You can make sure that each speaker will talk for the same amount of time and cover a similar amount of information. Summarise the key points and lead into a clear concluding statement. and keep a record of this information. PRESENTATION PLANNING Once the research on the project is fairly far along, the group needs to turn its attention to the question of HOW to orally present the material the group gathered. Set new expectations and deadlines as appropriate — group’s usually discover as the project moves along that the original time table and division of group member responsibilities needs to be modified. if G is isomorphic to As a group, ensure you agree on the purpose of the presentation so that you all understand the message that needs to be conveyed e.g. It’s also likely that you’ll have to go back and forth between steps. More often than not, people are not always sure about what the group is expected to do. How much will the audience already know about this topic? The audience is more likely to remember this story than a list of facts and statistics so try and incorporate relevant stories into presentations. Every group has a presentation.

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