Obviously, the more you’re available, and the more helpful you are, the more work you’ll be offered. Courier services are designed to be as efficient as possible, which requires multiple steps on a large scale. That’s about phoning round. Some areas get more loads than others. By default we show you what's nearest your home, but if you're going elsewhere you can update that to look for return loads. As an owner-driver courier, you won’t receive any payment to cover holidays or sickness. Our easy-to-use platform means that you can develop your business into a more profitable organisation. As an owner-driver courier, you will be a self-employed subcontractor when working for the courier company. Courier owner drivers are typically paid an agreed percentage of whatever the courier company is charging the customer per job. Shorter bar represents lower price. Generally, though, courier companies pay a reasonable rate (or they’d have no couriers) in return for reasonably quick payment (ideally 7 days, but sometimes up to a month). This clothing bearing the courier company logo may even be sold to you. Which sites really are the best ones to join? "When I first started out, I paid to join 3 or 4 websites looking for extra work, only to find out they didn't have any. • Do you want to make a load more money? By providing a service to Couriers and Hauliers looking for additional work, the website has an immediate impact on reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Independent couriers (who work as contractors) are always responsible for their own vehicle maintenance and gas, but they can charge a courier … Or do you have a different opinion on which sites are worth using? Think about making and investment in tough and effective wet-weather and cold-weather clothing. Average member-to-member positive feedback rating. You make yourself available on one of the courier work exchanges, such as www.mtvan.com, and bid for work from other courier members. Above all, don’t be tempted to earn more by cramming in more deliveries than can realistically be done to their deadlines. Once you have learned the ropes working for a single courier company as an owner driver, you can, if you want, go out and get courier work for more than one courier company. My name is Tim Gilbert, co-owner of mtvan.com Ltd, and author of Tony's Guide to the Courier Industry, the UK’s most comprehensive courier guide. Terry Price had spent years of his life working in the transport sector, but he wanted more from his career. Find out how Mick, Paul and Steve from Smart Transport Solutions use their membership benefits to plan and manage their daily operations. With extra courier work and reliable sub-contractors, you can retain more customers and grow your business. With a great network of transport firms, freight forwarders and owner drivers, you can rely on the fact that your time and money is well spent, especially with over 170,000 jobs listed every month. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Write down as you go along who you spoke to and what they said, and make a note in a diary to call again the following week. Four weeks is the absolute minimum that you should allow before you judge your initial success with any given courier company. The recent lockdown caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 has seen a significant decrease in the number of deliveries required in the UK. This free website is a good place to start researching your career change. TonysGuide.com the website is totally free, but remember that for just £4.99 you can download the whole thing as a convenient PDF here. Get Started Now >> 1 FIND JOBS. Millions of people use Shiply to get their delivery job carried out. All members are vetted giving you peace of mind. Or he could shop around for another courier company, but the trouble with that is you sometimes have to serve your time as the new boy doing the unpopular work, and you have to learn where the customers are etc, so to start with his earnings may even drop. Specialty couriers may try to price their jobs low to compete with FedEx, DHL and other carriers without realizing the long-term financial consequences. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! Many courier companies offer their customers a 24-hour service, 365 days of the year, though most of the work comes in between 0800hrs and 2200hrs Monday to Friday. Please look through this website carefully - check out the questions other people like you have asked on the website, look through some of the detailed pages of help about getting started as a self employed courier, and work out how the courier work on mtvan.com can help. • Do you want to take charge of your life? Put cards in Post Office windows, and bid for work on sites like mtvan. Reputable companies will always give proper documents like this to explain the payments made to you. The downside of that is the increased competition for work, and the higher subscription fee compared to other providers. You can make anything from £250 in a week to over £1500. We recommend that you also put together one of your own, with a photo. You need also to be very careful to look after the commercial secrets of all the courier companies you deliver for. We list over 170,000 jobs per month, including freight forwarding and self-employed courier jobs, Our straightforward system includes features like instant messaging to help you connect with other members, Our service includes a range of interactive maps, Our directory of listings is newly enhanced, offering an invaluable ‘specialist search’ option. All you’ll do is waste paper and postage, and worse still, you risk annoying people with your pointless junk mail. Enhanced directory listings (including vehicle and specialist service searches). Network with hundreds of trusted firms Each courier company will advise which is applicable in each case. Try to get the email address of those who sound interested, and email them your Goods in Transit insurance certificate, and a short letter including a photograph of you and your smart clean van. Trouble is they don’t always want to pay much. Rates to the customer vary by area and by van size, but generally a small van is charged out at between 75p and £1.10p per mile, and you’ll be offered between 50% and 70% of that. We strongly advise against sending letters or emails out without phoning first. As an owner-driver courier you are at liberty to work for more than one courier company. You should also ensure that you have “courier” insurance, which specifically covers you for driving while earning money as a courier.

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