Rapid Recovery. The technologies and remediation techniques used varied, including chemical oxidation, soil washing, tilling in mudflats, soil excavation, transportation, landfills and thermal treatment. Largest Reported Slick 101 miles x 42 miles. Toll: No loss of human life was directly attributable to the oil spill, but thousands upon thousands of fish, birds, animals and plants were destroyed. States not only wanted to reinstate pre-war environmental conditions in heavily polluted areas, they also wanted to address the damage to land and natural resources, and the footprints of the military and refugees. Some national projects are still underway, relating to ordnance removal, the damage and stresses caused by refugee settlements and military camps and health monitoring. Subscribe for the latest updates from ORG Sign up, Subscribe for the latest updates from ORG, Follow-up Programme for Environmental Awards, http://ses.library.usyd.edu.au/handle/2123/10426, Made in Marib: A Local Response to Instability and Violence, WarPod Ep #20 | Incorporating the Protection of Civilians into UK Policy, Collective Strategic Thinking: An Introduction, The Role of Youth in Peacebuilding: Challenges and Opportunities, Making Bad Economies: The Poverty of Mexican Drug Cartels, Remote Warfare: Lessons Learned from Contemporary Theatres, Weavers of Peace: The Higaonon Tribe in the Philippines. Smoke plumes in the skies around Kuwait City in April 1991. Gulf oil spill leaking 15 years later 02:16 Port Eads, La. Oil spills covered coastlines and invaded mudflats, killing wildlife and transforming habitats. The UNCC was established and mandated to: “…process claims and pay compensation for losses and damage suffered as a direct result of Iraq’s unlawful invasion and occupation of Kuwait”. These Landsat images show before, during and after the release of 1.5 billion barrels of oil into the environment, the largest oil spill … Concerned about the health implications for their populations from pollution, they also sought acknowledgment of the risks, and funds for health monitoring. Armed conflict not only degrades the natural environment and damages human health, it also harms environmental governance. Placing a financial value on the environment is no easier than defining what the environment is. These images show before, during and after the release of 1.5 billion barrels of oil into the environment, the largest oil spill in human history. Image by NASA’s Earth Observatory. The second Gulf War (1991) led to the largest oil spill in human history. But the fight over the spill has moved from the Gulf to a courtroom because Taylor has pursued legal action to block the containment. ", In a statement to CBS News, the company said, "Taylor Energy is raising the alarm about the junk science the Coast Guard is now using to justify activities that could destabilize the site.". The intensity and magnitude of the allied coalition’s offensive, followed by the systematic destruction of Kuwaiti oil wells by retreating Iraqi troops, led to an unprecedented environmental disaster. Oxford Research Group (ORG) is an independent organisation that has been influential for for nearly four decades in pioneering new, more strategic approaches to security and peacebuilding. Image by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. This article outlines the collective strategic thinking model, a conflict engagement tool that seeks to reduce the intractability of conflicts and thus contribute to conflict resolution. There are 42 gallons to the barrel. With protection for the environment in armed conflict under increasing scrutiny, it seems useful to re-examine how this mechanism worked. The varied composition of soils caused different contamination problems. Gulf War Oil Spill (1991 - Kuwait) During the Gulf War, Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait. The recovery efforts may reduce the potential for more damage to wildlife, but the primary goal has been protecting desalting plants and factory water intakes. Where: Persian Gulf. This guest briefing by Camilla Molyneux discusses how community leaders in Marib, a region in Yemen, have addressed local drivers of instability and violence with significant success. The immediate reports from Baghdad said that American airstrikes had caused a discharge of oil … Nevertheless the remediation costs, area calculations and baseline comparisons of pre-war environmental conditions were still debated and individually re-negotiated by the UNCC’s experts. AFTER THE WAR; Gulf Oil Spill Vexing Cleanup Efforts, Matthew L. Wald, Special To the New York Times. Damaged oil wells spewed crude oil, forming lakes covering at least 50km2. The Politics of Coltan: An Interview with Michael Nest, The UK and UN Peace Operations: A Case for Greater Engagement, The Expanding Role of Chinese Peacekeeping in Africa. See the article in its original context from. Over the past two decades, the United Nations Security Council has responded more strongly to some humanitarian crises than to others. These ranged from individuals’ personal injury, deaths and financial losses, to costs incurred to neighbouring countries in housing refugees, to damage to businesses and governmental property. These images show before, during and after the release of 1.5 billion barrels of oil into the environment, the largest oil spill in human history. The company has spent over $400 million working alongside the U.S. Coast Guard to contain and clean up the spill which Taylor estimates has been leaking at a rate of about ten gallons a day for years. › Larger image, The oily plumes extended three to five kilometers up into the atmosphere and hundreds of kilometers across the horizon. This report supports an enhanced role for Britain in UN peace operations and sets out a case for greater engagement. On January 26, the press began to report that large amounts of crude oil were being released into the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile, 11m barrels of crude oil from storage units, sabotaged pipelines and oil tankers spilled into the Persian Gulf, damaging 800km of coastline.

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