Create a Google spreadsheet with the finalised registration details divided into groups of 6. R.A.E wins our 2020 Emerging Talent Competition! The remaining balance will be calculated from the 2021 ticket price which will be confirmed in early 2021. Any refunds will be issued to the original payment card. I cancelled my booking before the Festival was cancelled, can I get the £25 admin fee refunded too? But just think of the journey there, and… the journey back. If you choose to cancel after 31st January 2021, the usual admin fees will apply. If that doesn’t help, close the browser and start all over again. TIP: A great way to cover all grounds would be to use one of your devices and tabs to enter the site and progress through the See Tickets queue at its own pace – basically meaning, you will not be manually refreshing that designated page, rather waiting for the site to do the refreshing at its own rate, till it gets through. You’ll need the registration number and postcode for each person who wants a ticket, so make sure to check all these details in advance – if you are uncertain whether you’re all registered or not, you can check on the Glastonbury Festival official website, here: Clearly this was not a course of action we hoped to take for our 50th anniversary event, but following the new government measures announced this week – and in times of such unprecedented uncertainty – this is now our only viable option. Getting Glastonbury 2021 tickets is not all just down to luck… Last Updated: June 28, 2020 Trying to get tickets to perhaps the most iconic festival in the world often requires the planning of an elite army operation, as getting your hands on the “golden ticket snitch” is known to be notoriously difficult – but that doesn’t mean you aren’t in with a fighting chance. Plus, if you have like 30 tabs open at once, you’ll find it hard to keep track of what’s happening on each and every one of them simultaneously. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (, or,,, or Not until the money has come out of your account. In the same way that using lots of different devices will marginally increase your chances of getting through, so will using as many browsers as possible. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the See Tickets website. If you had booked a coach package for the 2020 Festival, and have had the booking rolled over to 2021, See will try to keep the coach departure locations the same. Sunday Ticket bookings which were valid at the point of Festival cancellation can be rolled over to a like-for-like booking to the 2021 Festival. We would like to send our sincere apologies to the 135,000 people who have already paid a deposit for a Glastonbury 2020 ticket. We will ensure that full details will be confirmed in early 2021, to allow anyone who wishes to cancel their booking free of charge the chance to do so. We used multiple devices, different browsers, had all the right information ready but couldn’t get past the queue to get into the payment page. Trying to get tickets to perhaps the most iconic festival in the world often requires the planning of an elite army operation, as getting your hands on the “golden ticket snitch” is known to be notoriously difficult – but that doesn’t mean you aren’t in with a fighting chance. No, if you would not be able to make the 2021 Festival the booking would not be valid for a different future Festival. Rather than everyone getting together in the same space and using the same internet connection, it would be much better that each member in the group stay in their own house and be the sole user of that internet connection – Communication between party members can then be done via the Facebook / WhatsApp group set up beforehand. If I cancel my deposit now, can I have priority for 2021 or future booking? Glastonbury Festival future … Until that point, assume everything will go Pete Tong (wrong). Apart from that, you’ll be doing the planet some good by travelling by coach. Further information – including details on rolling over coach packages, official accommodation bookings and local Sunday tickets – has been added below this message. The fact that tickets must be registered to your name is both a blessing and a curse – it means tickets can’t be touted for extortionate prices, but it also means that you only have a few shots at getting a ticket. Also, Make sure to double-check which keystroke does a “hard refresh” on your browser in advance (F5 on a PC or CMD+R on a Mac). Be persistent, patient and calm: Don’t panic and DO NOT give up! There is more than just one way to get on the internet – what we are trying to say is; you should grab any and every device which you have access to and is capable of connecting to the World Wide Web – every laptop, tablet and smartphone you own, fire them up, put them to good use and head over to the Glastonbury See Tickets website on ticket sale day. Use multiple different internet connections. Read the full statement on the official festival website. You will not need to do anything for the booking to roll over. If the ticket price for 2021 changes, would I pay the 2021 price? AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: If you’re trying for Glastonbury tickets in the resale – in previous years, rather than being able to purchase 6 tickets per order (like in the October sales), only 4 tickets per transaction were able to be purchased for General Admission tickets, and coach package tickets were limited to 2 tickets per transaction. 22 June 2020. If you cancelled your booking before the Festival was cancelled, it will not be possible to reinstate the booking; however any cancellations made in the 28 days prior to the Festival being cancelled will automatically have the £25 admin fee refunded. That means you can put each and every one of your team members to work towards bashing those laptop keys in pursuit of the desired golden ticket, and by doing so hopefully increase the likelihood of Glastonbury glory by 6 fold. You would however need to pay the 2021 remaining ticket balance during the 2021 balance payment window. No, ticket deposits will automatically be carried over for the 2021 Festival. No more then ten is a good number, but the fewer you have, the less likely you are to lose track of what’s going on. We use our own cookies and cookies from 3rd parties to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. However just as we were due to have a resale in April for the 2020 Festival, any tickets for which the deposit is refunded, or the balance is not paid, will be made available in a resale in April 2021. Ticket deposits which were valid at the point of the 2020 Festival being cancelled can be automatically rolled over to a like-for-like booking for the 2021 Festival. Your deposit will only be valid for a like-for-like booking, if you had booked a coach package, your deposit will only be valid for a coach package for 2021.

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