2002: Grand Prix recognition award of the Art Council of Montreal for the 2002 edition of the ELEKTRA Festival at Usine C. This page was last edited on 7 June 2020, at 21:27. The venues vary from year to year: the organizers work with several partner organizations and cultural institutions on the island of Montréal, including le Musée des beaux-arts de Montréa l, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Arsenal art contemporain, la Société des arts technologiques, la Cinémathèque Québécoise, Perte de Signal, l’Usine C, le centre Phi, Oboro, Anteism, ELLEPHANT, CQAM etc. Kurt Hentschläger's FEED.X. “FEED.X.,” the immersive installation work by the artist Kurt Hentschläger and Elektra’s headlining show, was experiencing some technical stroboscope and smoke-machine related difficulties during the press screening, but even from the somewhat abortive preview it’s easy to see why people rave about the work and yet seem unable to describe it. © ELEKTRA 1999 - 2020. All rights reserved. The ELEKTRA International Digital Art Festival, The International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN), BIAN 2018 AUTOMATA: Sing the Body Electric, BIAN 2016 AUTOMATA: Art made by machines for machines, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Elektra_Festival&oldid=961333506, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Home Francesco Pelleschi . © ELEKTRA 1999 - 2020. Elektra is happening at the Société des arts technologiques (1201 St-Laurent) and Usine C (1345 Lalonde) through June 16, with some exhibits lasting longer and additional venues spread across town. THE ELEKTRA GALLERY SHOWCASES LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL ARTISTIC DISCOVERIES FOCUSING ON PREMIERES AND EXCLUSIVE PIECES OF CONTEMPORARY DIGITAL ART. While the ELEKTRA Festival focuses on performances, the BIAN presents robotic, interactive installations and artworks produced by means of new technological media, or based on experimental approaches to technoscientific research. Stroll inside the Hyundai MotorStudio Seoul, as if you were there! Since its creation in 1999, ELEKTRA has contributed to the international outreach of Quebec and Canadian contemporary digital artists and works of art. All rights reserved. THE ELEKTRA GALLERY CONTINUES TO SUPPORT THE ARTISTIC COMMUNITY AND VALUE NEW DISCOVERIES THROUGH ITS SPECIAL FOCUS ON EXCLUSIVE EXHIBITIONS, PREMIERES AND ARTISTIC BRILLIANCE. This 3D modeling of the Hyundai MotorStudio gallery offers a unique interactive and immersive experience. Saturday: Meet the artist via appointment. Nora Rosenthal is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker based in Montreal. Enjoy! Discover the online 3D virtual tour of our HYUNDAI x ELEKTRA: METAMORPHOSIS exhibition at Hyundai MotorStudio in Seoul. Each edition showcases artworks from a country or region of the world, alongside Canadian and other international artists. ■. ELEKTRA disseminates and promotes artistic creation that explores the intersections between traditional genres such as music, video, film, design, gaming and sound or interactive installations, with the latest digital technologies and techno-scientific research-creation. As it evolved from year to year, it remains until today the PRO component of ELEKTRA Montreal. Waiting for New Arrivals. ELEKTRA is coming back this Fall with a prelude exhibition to the 5th edition of the International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN), postponed to 2021: METAMORPHOSIS. Its events welcome avant-garde artists from around the world, with an emphasis on Quebec and Canadian talent, and contribute to Montreal's recognition as a hub for contemporary digital art. SELECT A DISTRICT OF MONTREAL . Affordable original art for insightful collectors Artists. Your fervour (or presumably your lack thereof) then causes a “holographic pop star to sing to her team of soldiers, inspiring them to continue fighting their enemies and their own lack of confidence in times of global economic instability.” This strikes me as both bizarre and thoughtfully fun, and I hope to sweatily encourage holographic bloodshed through song sometime later this week. QC, Canada H2T 3B2 . Teleport here! Most recently, she completed a writing residency at the Can Serrat International Arts Residency in Catalan Spain. $6.95-$8.69 for Repeat; $20-$25 for FEED.X; $15-$20 for nightly … The gallery … The Elektra International Digital Arts Festival, this year coinciding with the International Digital Art Biennial, has a truly vast line-up in its 20th year. Online release of the 3D version of our exhibit HYUNDAI X ELEKTRA: METAMORPHOSIS. ELEKTRA opened its doors virtually on Google Arts and Culture! To fully enjoy your experience, the use of the latest version of Chrome (MAC or PC) with a sufficient internet speed is recommended. Various styles of paintings, sculptures and photographs are showcased . Both artistic and scientific research have always aimed to transcend known boundaries, pushing back the edges of understanding, of sight, and of sound and movement, both great and small, from the edges of the universe, to the edges of atoms, to the threshold of time itself. ELEKTRA presents and promotes works created at the intersections fo contemporary art and new technologies, inscribed in the latest esthetics currents of research and experimentation. ELEKTRA collaborates with MANA, one of the most important digital platforms for art and new technologies in the East Asian region, to showcase artworks by many Quebec artists 3D VIRTUAL GALLERY HYUNDAI X ELEKTRA : METAMORPHOSIS launched on oct 15. This project explores the relationship between the incessant digital signal and the physical presence of the users at its origin. In 2010, ACREQ | ELEKTRA and the Mutek festival win ex æquo the 25th Grand Prix 9 of the Conseil des arts de Montréal 2010. ELEKTRA collaborates with MANA, one of the most important digital platforms for art and new technologies in the East Asian region, to showcase artworks by many Quebec artists. INTERFERENCE, MORPHOGERAFOR, LAMINAR FLOW, PLENTY OF ROOM (for Feynmann) (2018 - 2019), Machine Intelligence in the Arts: Cross-Disciplinary Exploration, Exhibition and Publication. the elektra gallery continues to support the artistic community and value new discoveries through its special focus on exclusive exhibitions, premieres and artistic brilliance. Artists. In 2007, the ELEKTRA Festival initiated its networking and professional development activity: The International Digital Art Marketplace (MIAN). Also note the nice timing between the Elektra Festival itself and its open call for proposals. 2013: 28th Grand Prix of the Art Council of Montreal for which ACREQ | ELEKTRA is a finalist, for the creation of the BIAN. Unlike the static features of neon gas, Sorenson’s translucent tubes contain a string of light emitting diodes (LEDs) connected to a video signal. Located in the Pôle de Gaspé, the new gallery promotes local and international artistic discoveries, featuring premieres and exclusive pieces of contemporary digital art. at Perte de Signal., a collaboration between artists Erin Gee and Alex M. Lee that they term “combat therapy.” In the project, participants are asked to “summon their enthusiasm,” not in some vague cheerleading sense but physically, using a device that measures “skin conductance [and] increased heartbeat” among other physical manifestations of zeal. More details here. Discover now key events from our history, wherever you are. The city of Montreal is full of galleries. Highlights of the digital art festival’s 20th anniversary edition. Internationally, ELEKTRA organizes and collaborates in numerous events, festivals, exhibitions and conferences, thus stimulating the dissemination and growth of Quebec’s contemporary digital art. 5445 de Gaspé Avenue #104, Montreal . In addition to its annual festival and biennale, ELEKTRA participates in or organizes other punctual activities to present and promote digital art in the city of Montreal, including artist tours, educational and cultural mediation activities aligned with the arts and digital culture sectors. Enjoy! $6.95-$8.69 for Repeat; $20-$25 for FEED.X; $15-$20 for nightly Immersive experiences; certain events free. EXCLUSIVE EXHIBITIONS, PREMIERES AND ARTISTIC BRILLIANCE. Since its creation in 1999, ELEKTRA has contributed to the international outreach of Quebec and Canadian contemporary digital artists and works of art. The Elektra Festival promises both to be deeply nerdy and just as hip: a meeting of minds and a big smoky party. ELEKTRA GALLERY JUNE 15 - JULY 19, 2019 Montreal, Canada Opening - June 15, 2019, 2 p.m. Through its local, national and international events and activities, ELEKTRA offers professional opportunities for artists and creators of contemporary digital art to present at, and exchange with cultural organizations, creative industries and other stakeholders.

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