A young woman kills herself, leaving no explanation to her grief-stricken pawnbroker husband. A Joan of Arc's trial reconstruction concerning her imprisonment, interrogation and final execution at the hands of the English. Mobile site. A forged 500-franc note is passed from person to person until carelessness leads to tragedy. His faith and vocation are real to him, but the parishioners in Ambricourt scorn and insult him, and tell lies about him. The story is told by the priests recounting of his experiences in his diary. A young priest taking over the parish at Ambricourt tries to fulfill his duties even as he fights a mysterious stomach ailment. Its straightforward narrative surpasses religion and cultivates principles of universal human behaviour, and he awakens a tremendous usage of cinematic tools as he uncovers the absolute fatuousness of religious faith; this film is quite possibly the loudest statement of his agnosticism. © Letterboxd Limited. Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? ‘Journal d'un curé de campagne’ A Joan of Arc's trial reconstruction concerning her imprisonment, interrogation and final execution at the hands of the English. What stood out, besides the hair, in this film was just how miserable our country priest seemed. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? But the locals don't take kindly to the priest, and his ascetic ways and unsociable demeanor make him an outcast. What does conventional plot, acting, editing, shot composition and sound achieve, after all, but abstraction? Diary of a Country Priest was lauded for Laydu's debut performance, which has been called one of the greatest in the history of cinema; the film won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize at the Venice International Film Festival, and the Prix Louis Delluc. As he becomes estranged, and to an extend outcast by the townspeople, he increasingly relies on his faith for strength and comfort, however even this begins to fade as he witnesses the townspeople purvey sinful and malicous behaviour, damaging his faith in human nature.The films of Robert Bresson, although wonderful, can at times seem austere almost to the point of being drained of any emotion. This FAQ is empty. In Ambricourt, an idealistic young Priest (Claude Laydu) arrives to be the local parish priest. We learn in flashback about how they met, married, and how she failed to adapt her lifestyle to... See full summary », The 'dreamer' is Jacques, a young painter, who by chance runs into Marthe as she's contemplating suicide on the Pont-Neuf in Paris. Journal d'un cure de Campagne is about a young priest who, whilst suffering from an illness, is assigned to a new parish in a French country village. ذلك إن المذكرات ليست سوى عجز الإنسان عن الإندماج مع المجتمع ، نحن لا نستطيع أن نقول للآخرين ما نكتبه في مذكراتنا عنهم ، لا نستطيع أن نبين لهم أوجاعنا والحالات التي تحز في أنفسنا ، نحن عاجزين عن مخاطبة الآخر ، خائفين من سوء الفهم ، لهذا نكتب ما في دواخلنا ، نخاطب الورق ككائن بديل عن الإنسان ، كائن يتلقف كل الآمنا بدون أن ينبس بكلمة . A captured French Resistance fighter during WWII engineers a daunting escape from a Nazi prison in France. Em certo momento do filme meu celular, que estava num móvel distante do quarto, caiu, e eu parei o filme para ver o que era o barulho. But the locals don't take kindly to the priest, and his ascetic ways and unsociable demeanor make him an outcast. The mean townsfolk should have been the main characters. The community of the small town does not accept him, and although having a serious disease in the stomach, the inexperienced and frail priest tries to help the dwellers, and has a situation with the wealthy family of the location. The reason for his desire to suppress performing, was to avoid the melodramatic histrionics common with conventional acting as he believed it shortchanges the complexities of human emotion that in real life are much more subtle and not always on the surface. Before passing judgement though, it is important to understand his aims and understanding of film making. King Arthur learns about his wife's, Queen Guinevere, affair with Lancelot, who at the same time remains loyal to the king, particularly after Arthur's traitorous nephew Mordred commits an attempt on his life. He attempts to live a Christ-like life, but his actions are misunderstood. Like Ozu, another master of character expression and portrayal, Bresson proves that by adopting this method in conjunction with his wonderful compositions, it forces the viewer to replace the lack of gratuitous emotion with their own feelings, resulting in moments of genuine pathos and emotion. 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Once he realises the depth of his disgust with the moral and physical decline of the society he lives in, ... See full summary ». juliodogpit 1,001 films 10,423 461 Edit, UPDATE--------------------------------------------------------------------------, Check out also: The 100 Greatest Documentaries, ranked as objectively as possible The 100 Greatest Directors The 100 Greatest…, Peter Stanley 1,235 films 40,069 1282 Edit, All the films from all the editions, including those subsequently removed, presently totalling 1235. Bresson believed that the theatrical performing of actors had no place in cinema, and so typically cast non-actors for his films. Spilled ink for the adulterous Count (Jean Riveyre) and his bereft wife (Rachel Bérendt), their teenage daughter (Nicole Ladmiral) is a coolly vehement face floating in the darkness of the confessional booth, "une diablesse." A frail priest is assigned to a small French provincial town where he slowly is able to help some wayward souls rediscover their faith in God, but must soon contend with his own realization that he is dying.

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