[88] Hull F.C. It then lists eight men: four who were "killed in action", two who "died of wounds", and two who "died of disease".[97]. [74] There is a mixture of low-density urban areas, suburbs, semi-rural and rural locations in Shaw and Crompton, but overwhelmingly the land use in the town is residential; industrial areas and terraced houses give way to suburbs and rural greenery as the land rises out of the town. [124] Westway, the original location of the market, is now used for car parking but used for fun fairs and events. At its spinning zenith, as a result of an interwar economic boom associated with the textile industry, Shaw and Crompton was reported to have had more millionaires per capita than any other town in the world. [68] Churchill once stayed at Crompton Hall, and letters written by him describe how peaceful and tranquil he thought the area to be. Lighting. [75] Generally, property in the centre, west, and south of the town is older and smaller in comparison to that found in the east and north. Bruce joined Lanes back in 2002, and as a Director of the Rail Division Bruce has specific responsibility for framework contracts with London Underground Limited (LUL). [4] Its double name has been said to make it "distinctive, if not unique". Banner Two. [116] It is thought to have been constructed following an increase in wealth produced by the localisation of the woollen trade during a very bleak period,[116] although, in 1552 it was noted that it had no endowment, and its ornaments were in poor condition. Shaw and Crompton is a town and civil parish within the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, in Greater Manchester, England. Supplies of raw cotton from the United States were cut during the Lancashire Cotton Famine of 1861–1865, leading to the formation of the Crompton Local Board of Health in 1863, whose purpose was to ensure social security and maintain hygiene and sanitation in the locality. [86] The N Brown Group,[87] and children's toy distributors Toy Options have distribution centres in the town. FAQs . A wide variety of entertainment, professional as well as amateur, is produced each year.[128]. To the west, the land reaches around 699 feet (213 m) at High Crompton and 825 feet (251 m) at Whitfield, and from these highpoints the surface slopes away in all directions. [9], The manufacture of textiles in Crompton can be traced back to 1474, when a lease dated from that year outlines that the occupant of Crompton Park had spinning wheels, cards and looms, all of which suggest that cloth was being produced in large quantities. [105] Shaw and Crompton had a railway line and station between 1863 and 2009, opened initially for haulage, but later used for passenger and commuter journeys. [80], From the 18th century onwards, Shaw and Crompton's economy was closely tied with that of Britain's textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution, particularly the cotton spinning sector.[83]. Historically in Lancashire, Crompton (as it was originally known) and its surroundings have provided evidence of ancient British and Anglian activity in the area. An ancient track, perhaps of Roman origin, crosses the modern Buckstones Road leading to Castleshaw Roman fort in neighbouring Saddleworth. After initially being rejected in the early 2000s, plans to turn the line into part of the light-rail Metrolink system were accepted by the government on 6 July 2006. Crompton House CE School, a secondary school for 11- to 16-year-olds, also has a sixth form college of further education for 16- to 18-year-olds on the same site. It consists of a plaque built into a stone wall that is located between two large bushes. [45] The town has subsequently been described as having "good community spirit and relative prosperity, which, in turn, create popular residential areas". Inside it is a lead casket containing coins, a copy of the local newspaper, three cops of spun cotton, and a length of cloth manufactured in the local area.[96]. Until the 1990s, Shaw and Crompton was the home of Osram, the multinational lightbulb manufacturer, which occupied Duke Mill and was a significant employer in the area. [69] Constituency boundaries changed during the 20th century; from 1885 to 1918 Shaw and Crompton lay within Prestwich constituency, from 1918 to 1950 in Royton constituency, from 1950 until 1983 in Heywood and Royton constituency, and from 1983 to 1997 in Littleborough and Saddleworth constituency. [112] The construction of church schools followed, including Shaw Methodist School in 1842, St Mary's, in 1847 and St James' 1851. When suitable land in nearby Oldham (then the largest and most productive mill town in the world)[29] had become scarce in the 1860s, there was a mill building boom in Shaw and Crompton, giving rise to the area as major mill town. It required that the deceased were to be buried in woollen garments. There are no motorways in Shaw and Crompton, though a light rail line bisects the town from north to south. Shaw and Crompton's built environment is similar to the urban structure of most towns in England, consisting of residential dwellings centred on a High Street in the town centre, which is the local centre of commerce. Did You Know. The area is now managed by United Utilities. Below is a table outlining population growth of the area since 1901. [1] Crompton's first local authority was a Local board of health established in 1863;[1] Established with reference to the Local Government Act 1858, Crompton Local Board of Health was a regulatory body responsible for standards of hygiene and sanitation in the township. 1986/2196)", "Bulletin of Changes of Local Authority Status, Names and Areas, 1st April 1987–31st March 1988", Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive, "Doomed Crompton Pool now shut for good, says council", "Olympic star Nicola White: I nearly gave up hockey", List of civil parishes in Greater Manchester, Parliamentary constituencies and Members of Parliament, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Shaw_and_Crompton&oldid=984416963, Geography of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, Populated places established in the 7th century, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 00:31. Options include moulded case width, busbar and aperture sizes, tape wound, balanced and split cores, current ratings and various mounting options. CROMPTON, a township and a sub-district in Oldham district, Lancashire. [117] It was rebuilt in 1739 and enlarged in 1798, and rebuilt again in 1870. [6] It was unmentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086; the first recorded use of the name Crompton for the township was discovered in legal documents relating to Cockersand Abbey near Lancaster, dating from the early 13th century. [114], The exact date of the establishment of a place of worship in Crompton is uncertain. [9], Shaw was originally a hamlet and sub-district of Crompton,[10] where it appears to have originated as the commercial and ecclesiastic centre because of a small chapel sited there dating back to the 16th century. Waste management is co-ordinated by the local authority via the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority. Fans. [17], During the High Middle Ages, Crompton was a collection of scattered woods, farmsteads, moorland, swamp and a single corn mill, occupied by a small and close community of families. Browse by Manufacturer, Technology & more, Crompton Lamps 100W GLS B22 Dimmable Traffic Signal Warm White Clear, Crompton Lamps 100W GLS B22 Dimmable Traffic Signal Warm White Pearl, Crompton Lamps 15W 22x50mm Microwave E17 Warm White Clear, Crompton Lamps 15W 22x50mm Oven E14 Warm White Clear, Crompton Lamps 15W 22x56mm Fridge/Freezer E14 Warm White Clear, Crompton Lamps 15W GLS B22 Dimmable Colourglazed IP65 Pink, Crompton Lamps 15W GLS B22 Dimmable Harlequin IP65 Amber Translucent, Crompton Lamps 15W GLS B22 Dimmable Harlequin IP65 Blue Translucent, Crompton Lamps 15W GLS B22 Dimmable Harlequin IP65 Red Translucent, Crompton Lamps 15W GLS E27 Dimmable Colourglazed IP65 Blue, Crompton Lamps 15W GLS E27 Dimmable Colourglazed IP65 Green, Crompton Lamps 15W GLS E27 Dimmable Colourglazed IP65 Red. [19] There had been a chapel of ease at the hamlet of Shaw since at least the early 16th century, but, due to ecclesiastical arrangements for the parish of Prestwich-cum-Oldham, the inhabitants were obliged to contribute money towards Oldham Parish Church, which in turn had obligation to the mother Church of St Mary the Virgin at Prestwich. Census tables with data for the Local Government District", "The Oldham (Parish of Crompton) Order 1986 (S.I. [24][25] To ensure that the woollen trade was kept buoyant, a law existed from 1675 to 1814 to encourage Shaw and Crompton's wool production. All the schools in the town perform either at or above the national average for test results. [28] Luddites rioted in the township in 1826, smashing 24 power looms at Clegg's mill at High Crompton in protest against their worsening standard of living. The new Integra DL1 digital metering system provides a unique space and cost effective solution for measuring your energy consumption in split load applications including lighting and power loads with the additional system accumulation to display and communicate the combined loads. Bruce Crompton - Director Rail Division. Designed to meet customer requirements, the Integra portfolio offers optional pulsed, an... Take a look at the items below to view our extensive range of DIN-rail Kilowatt hour meters which measure the real consumption of active energy. [111] Shaw and Crompton is located south of junction 21 of the M62 motorway. [72] The town has a post office under the Oldham post town. These instruments are ideal for secondary metering in switchgear, plant instrumentation and process control applications. Transducers measure, isolate, and convert electrical parameters into industry standard DC output signals and broadcast results via communication interface options such as RS232 and Modbus®. The profitability of cotton spinning meant that open land that had been used for farming since antiquity, was utilised for purpose-built weavers' cottages. [134][135] Philip Gilbert Hamerton, an acclaimed etcher, painter, and art critic was born in the area in 1834. [106] Shaw and Crompton railway station closed on 3 October 2009, so that it could be converted from use with heavy rail to Metrolink. Described in Samuel Lewis's A Topographical Dictionary of England (1848) as located in "a bleak situation",[11] Shaw and Crompton is in the valley of the River Beal, which runs northward through the town towards the village of Newhey. Shaw and Crompton is one of only a few parishes of England that still observes the ancient custom of Beating the bounds. [30] The local townscape became dominated by distinctive rectangular brick-built mills, and its former villages and hamlets agglomerated as a single town around these factories. EPR Policy. The construction of more mills followed—ten by 1789—facilitating a process of urbanisation and socioeconomic transformation in the region; the population moved away from farming, adopting employment in the factory system. [135] The town is the home of Oldham-born actress Shobna Gulati,[88] former Oldham Athletic player and manager Andy Ritchie,[88] and is the hometown of Kevin O'Toole, a founding member of dance act N-Trance. [12] Of the 48 cotton mills that have occupied Shaw and Crompton, only six are still standing, all of which are now used as distribution centres. Farming was the main industry of this broadly independent and self-supporting rural area, with locals supplementing their incomes by hand-loom woollen weaving in the domestic system.

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