UNDER 13. I'm really sorry about that. Suga and V said they want to get close to Girls’ Generation. Thank you so much for this. is insane enough. Well, sometimes the answers are specific, but sometimes ambiguous. He wants a thoughtful and sexy girl, who can trust her, who likes books, 1 to 3 years younger and measuring from 1.64 to 1.70. Kaya Scodelario is 5'6 and 120 lbs. Speaking of being active, Jungkook is said to prefer a girl who exercises. (No, that’s not a typo.). 8)Tae loves a girl that gets charming in daily life by her kindness & giving towards others, he also prefers a girl that really loves kids. 5)Hope doesn't really pay attention in having things in common with her but rather a nice girl, he would be very satisfied if she's sweet,caring,playful,positive & always wears a beautiful smile. Yeontan: BTS’s 8th Member – Everything You Should Know, Dlwlrma Meaning: How IU choose her Instagram name. But you guys do know, that at least where I live (Europe) no fucking girl weighs under 50kgs except they are 13 years old or anorexic. ok yoongi I'm 168cm but I'll try my best to lost some weight. I'm sorry if I came off as shaming people who are naturally thin. ", is this even real? go out and treat, Its not possible for a 20 year old woman to be 45. The official fan name of BTS is “A.R.M.Y” (Korean: 아미), which was first made on July 9, 2013, through the official website and selected by BTS members after reading about 1000 fan opinions. For me. 1)A girl who's cute & sweet that could cook & Jin really likes to cook with her how to cook diffrent dishes also likes a girl that cook & wishes that could share with him new dishes that he doesn't even know since be4. 8)A girl that will always support him also thinks all the time of hopie. If you are shy, Jimin is not the guy for you. Weight: "I don't know just comment If you know". I don't think they're on the active lookout for a "perfect girl" in physical appearance versus personality. :heart: BTS loves us and they mentioned that we are a family to them so ARMY they can everyone. 6)A girl that really enjoys her moments with him also loves skinship like very soft kisses, hugs & really enjoys a light conversation & laughter. People are always trying to figure out if BTS members are dating or do they have girlfriends. This means music & performance are Jungkook’s whole life, and he’s not afraid to give himself over to the things that he’s passionate about. ...if you cant tell that I'm being sarcastic because you have a stick shoved up your ass thats your problem ? Guys, can anybody tell me where the heck Bts picked celebrity that closely resembles their ideal type? It is normal to have a certain ideal type of girl from outside your country, and some BTS member have revealed their foreign ideal type names, how about we check on them? And they have new ideal types for 2016 too. Darn. He will make sure to take care of her also in return. 6)A girl that would make him hot chocolate & stay by his side & keep him warm in winter. I recommend you to take note about that type of girl so one time your gonna see them you can be their Mrs.Right :heart: ]. BTS DISCLOSES WHAT IS YOUR KIND OF IDEAL GIRL, HOW MUCH MIDEN JIMIN AND SOOBIN? So in Jungkook’s book, a toned body that screams active is better than a frail, rail-thin one. Hey, guys as you all know that we really wonder what type of girl they like for this year so here is an update about what type they really like to see in a girl. 4)Tae loves girls that "ONLY" looks at him & takes care of him. Most stars' equable ideal type make their fans imagine how to be near to his ideal type. With the height of 165-166 you shouldnt go under 48kg , so the maximum of 48kg would be ok but really dont loose any more. you shouldnt loose weight for someone else ,just sayin, I don't get how 10 cm off is ideal height...I mean, you put on heals and you are taller than them or about the same. Well I fit my biases type but it's the height....I was like yay I'm smaller then Jimin *dances* But apparently to small XD that's ok I'll grow taller I mean if you knew my age lol. why bts like girl so short and so thin Kpop-map, I really hope you edit your post so that fans - overwhelmingly young and impressionable - will not feel burdened by their "failure" to meet the cut-throat expectations stated here. She needs to be there for him even by doing the little things like cooking a meal for him while works. I'm "thin" according to my friends, not really. So, it is no surprise that he really wants a girl who can cook. Just think about that. Latest document drop: How will it affect Ghislaine Maxwell’s case? because Jungkook always says he likes girls with long black hair?? tall and if I'm 45 kg. 8) ChimChim loves taking selcas also taking pics & vids of precious & sweet moments of his entire life.He prefers a girl that shares with him this habit also a girl who doesn't say N.O for selcas. Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. Don't get all depressed and get off your couch to exercise. 6)A girl wears soft but also elegant make-up, a girl with oversized sweaters with skinny jeans & sneakers. Jin loves girls who eat a lot. Does she have to be pale skin? He would... Jin. Has anyone else noticed that the only person that doesn't have measurement of ideal girls' weight is Jin?! BUT I do think me and him would connect personality wise. This is what will make him happy. He said in interview to make him laugh he said "it depends on her moves". 7)She also needs to respect his personal space & love for his music,while seeing her without noticing that girl is enjoying his music & also understand the lyrics & a girl who shares can share & he could share with his :heart: & introduces her to his :earth_africa: & love to write a song for that girl. Jin said Scarlett... V. … He’s more focused on her personality. You should take good care of your hair, because it likes to have it long and loose, that has a cute personality and is tender by nature. Jungkook’s future girlfriend might be out there reading this article so we figure we should provide some, Jungkook has his driver’s license and he’s a huge fan of comic books & Iron Man (gift ideas, anyone?). Most of these are 12 year old girls, you can see it in the comments. i did not know that emma watson was a korean celebrity. Like... it's just really unhealthy to have an article like this. Jimin Jin wants to get married at the age of 31. Honestly losing weight is easier than It looks. The oldest BTS member, Jin, chose the captivating Scarlett Johansson as his foreign ideal type. What?! RM’s ideal type needs to be very intelligent and knowledgeable on multiple different topics. Jungkook Jin :  A girl whose looks and personality is similar to that of a puppy,whose good at cooking, kind and takes good care of me. All the BTS members are extremely talented and good looking. are you saying seungyeon eonnie is your ideal type because she likes you?! Must Read : Who Are The Tallest And Shortest BTS? 5)An out/easy-going girl, sociable, a girl that will really laugh at his dad's jokes or his jokes also has a sense of humor, that shows interests to his jokes & share with him her own silly/funny jokes too.

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