Sitemap. South of the main west window is a small window with stained glass panels depicting the patron saints of the four nearby dioceses of York (St Wilfred), Lincoln (St Hugh), Lichfield St Chad), and Peterborough (St Peter). The 'Adam and Eve' font was installed in 1719 and was painted in the early 19th century. Attraction Type: Historic Church The oldest part of the church is the east end of the nave, with its clustered pillars and circular benches at the base of each pillar. About Moulton, All Saints Church Behind the altar is a Victorian reredos depicting the Last Supper. A list of 15th-century saints: Name Birth Birthplace Death Place of death Notes Blessed Andrea Franchi: 1335 1401 Bishop of Pistoia: Blessed James of Lodi: 1364 1404 Blessed Jamess Strepa 1409 Blessed Ursulina: 1375 1410 Daniel of Murano 1411 Blessed Jeanne-Marie de Maille: 1332 1414 Vincent Ferrer: 1350 1419 Blessed Clare of Pisa: 1362 1419 Blessed John Dominici: 1356 1419 Lucy … Harrox served as a steward to the Harrington family and he left money in his will to establish Moulton Grammar School. 3.7 miles (Historic Building), Gordon Boswell Romany Museum - All Saints is a delight to visit, a treasure trove of historic interest. The screen is five bays wide, with the central bay forming the chancel entrance. Visitors in front of the Tomb of Saint Henry the Exuberant and Saint Cunigunde of Luxembourg (Kaisergrab) designed by German sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider (1499-1513) in the Bamberg Cathedral (Bamberger Dom) in Bamberg, Upper Franconia, Germany. It must have been an unruly place at times; in 1292 Bishop Oliver Sutton had to specifically ban markets and fairs in the churchyard and instead order the residents of Moulton to repair their bell tower. Stamford, There are clerestory windows to the north and south; the north windows were added earlier, and around 1400 the south windows were altered when the present timber roof was installed. There has been a church on this site on Red Lion Square since the Saxon period, but the present building dates primarily to the 13th century (around 1220). This category has only the following subcategory. The font bowl is painted and decorated with branches laden with fruit and Eve is shown presenting Adam with an apple. 0.1 miles (Historic Building), Pinchbeck Engine Museum - It became something of a local challenge to climb to the top of the spire. map It is possible that there was a much earlier Saxon church in Moulton, as a burial ground was discovered in 1789 during the construction of what is now the A151. Near the Victorian font is a grave slab set into the floor, commemorating Prudence Corby, who died in 1793. All Saints is a delightful historic building, full of interest. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. German 15th Century Saints Peter Stock Photos and Images (11) Page 1 of 1. 148x148, 1480-85. Moulton, Website: Stamford, All Saints Church Like many historic buildings in Stamford All Saints was badly damaged in 1461 by Lancastrian forces, during the course of the Wars of the Roses. Copyright © 27/10/2020 Alamy Ltd. All rights reserved. One more saint was added recently, unfortunately without a date: Last edited on 2 September 2019, at 21:00, Over 80 years later another Thomas de Multon, a descendant of the first, and another Prior John of Spalding met at the church in Weston to sign a contract over the disposition of minor tithes and rent. The most famous Vicar of All Saints was William Stukely, who served from 1730-1747. 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